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  1. Aaron Kelsall

    Channel feedback is so important to me!

    Hi Guys! I've been asking the people around me for their feedback about my videos and my channel - and it's getting good reviews! The thing is - I'm wondering would this still be the same for people that don't know me? If anyone has a spare minute or two in between shooting / editing /...
  2. R

    HONEST opinion about this food and travel channel

    So I've been doing the youtube thing for about 10 months now and i'd say my results are pretty mediocre. Just a little background my channel is strictly about my food and travel journeys (mainly in London). At the time of posting this I have 90 subs. I've seen some other channels with less...
  3. starylize

    Collab Channel Name Ideas???

    hi! i'm in a collab channel with 5 other people and we need help with names. any good ideas?
  4. Elaine Yu

    Review my piano channel please?

    Hi everyone, This is my channel: I'm trying to build up my subscribers at the moment. Any suggestions on what to improve? Do I need to post longer videos? Will they help? Thank you, Elaine
  5. Jibbsy

    Channel Art And Should I Make An Intro

    Hey guys so I was wondering should I make a intro for all my videos. Not necessarily an animated one but a few sentences that to keep it consistent? Also regarding branding I made a channel banner yesterday and I was hoping to know whether there is anyway I could improve it. Thanks :)
  6. Michael Lebert

    Online Store and Channel Naming Help

    Obviously I'm still in the planning and ideas stage,preparation is key. I am stuck on what I should do for names on my channel,something that I can put on merch and have a name for my audience. I don't know whether to use my name or something that describes me or interests me. Any tips?
  7. L

    thoughts on my channel? i just started posting videos 3 days ago and making thumbnails yesterday and the channel art a couple of days ago. How does it look? I look forward to what you have to say!
  8. Erika Talerico

    Looking for honest opinions on how to improve my channel...

    Hi there. I am very serious about my channel and would really appreciate some honest feedback. Everyone loves cute animals right? I am working on getting to my first 100 subs and as everyone knows this is challenging. I get lots of views but the subs are so slow to grow. What can i do to grab...
  9. Bethanyjbee

    Channel Review Please?

    I've had a short hiatus from Youtube and now I'm getting back into it I'd like a review of my channel in general, just to know how I can improve and make the most out of my channel? I'd just like to know what I'm doing/have done well and what needs improvement or a complete overhaul! Be as...
  10. JollyCarson

    I Would Love To Hear Your Two Cents

    Hello, I have a new channel and was looking for some good constructive criticism. I'm a toy review channel with a spin and not sure if my videos are entertaining enough yet. I have got 11 subs in our first month which is not bad but seems that it's not really that good either. I have not paid...
  11. PrimosPrime

    Dose anyone have any tips on how to get 50 subs quick

    My goal for the end of this December is to gain 50 subs. But its kinda hard since nobody really knows who i am and i don't really know how to promote my self leaving me stuck at 17 subs. that's why i need help if you have any tactics please reply to this post thank you :bounce:
  12. The Cold Abyss

    Free and Easy Ways to Make Channel Art, Thumbnails, etc.

    If you were wondering how to make channel art, channel icons, or thumbnails. Well look no further in this thread I will share with you what I have used to make my channel art etc...
  13. Bow2WildChicken

    Hey guys! I would love some feedback over my channel!

    Naturally, i know i need more personalized banner art, and logo. But content, layout, and design are what i would like feedback for! Be as honest as possible, because being straight forward will tell me exactly what i need to change/work on! Thanks guys!
  14. Hyper Gaming

    Need some feedback on how to improve my channel

    Hello, I run a gaming channel which produces gaming related content on a weekly basis called Hyper Gaming. I was wondering if someone can go on my channel and take a look on how I can improve the channel to make it better looking and increase the chance of people coming on my channel to watch my...
  15. lucy marriott

    What am I doing wrong?

    I've been uploading regular content for 4 months and I get barely any views and only have 25 subs. I advertise wherever I can and make regular content that the few people who do watch tell me is good but I don't feel my channel is progressing? Any suggestions??
  16. Rachel Berry


    Hi, guys! I've been on YouTube for a month now and I've developed quite a passion for it. But I'm curious to hear from those who have been on the site for a longer period of time- what are your tips and tricks? What difficulties have you encountered? How did you overcome them? What was a big YT...
  17. Adeelcool

    Does how my channel art look matter

    My channel art is basically telling everyone how often I upload, and a bunch of shapes
  18. FernandoMask

    What do you dislike about Youtube?

    What do you guys dislike or hate about Youtube?
  19. HeadbanginZombie

    Looks for constructive criticism on my channel to help me become a better creator.

    Hey guys and Girls! My name is Jack - AKA HeadbanginZombie, I'm here today to ask for a favor. I love what i do with a huge passion, and i really want to make the best quality content possible for my viewers enjoyment. I would like to ask your thoughts on the channel and what i could do to...
  20. Adam Frawley

    Id love it if someone gave me some solid feedback!

    Hi. I feel like I know what Im doing, But its always nice to get peoples first opinions on things!
  21. Sinser

    Channel and Audio Review

    Hey guys I was gonna ask you to review my channel and my audio in the link below because for some reason audacity makes some clips loud and then some are soft and I would love if someone could explain why this happens and how I can fix it. All review are appreciated :) and so would any advice or...
  22. Kxmier

    Gaming Read carefully ( YouTUbe Ps4 Collab )

    i'm 15 yrs old I have a Ps4 and i'm looking to collaborate with people current subs - 62 current views - 619 Email- Psn- Matrix_Central Games i have- Rainbow 6, Gtav, Bo3, The Division, BFH, and Minecraft (lol) Main Requirement - Must have above 50 Subs and decently...
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