1. CorinneBryan

    New camera, trying to figure out lighting :) Plus DECEMBER Favourites!

    Hey everyone! My december favourites are here! New camera so trying to learn about lighting etc :D Take a peek :D
  2. CorinneBryan

    Christmas/Holidays Makeup Tutorial!

    Hey! I've uploaded my first collab and i would love you all to see it! I love makeup and to create this look was super fun. Glitter and glam <3
  3. CorinneBryan

    50's Makeup &Hair!

    Hey! I uploaded another decades video, and i ejoyed creating this look!!! Take a peek :D
  4. Millie

    Beauty/Makeup No brush makeup challenge collab!

    What's up everyone! I'm looking for an awesome person that enjoys everything makeup and also challenges! If you already haven't seen the no makeup brush challenge going around on the good ol tube, It looks like it would be FUN to film, you basically create a makeup look without using any kind of...
  5. GeniePurple

    Autumn Warm Beauty Look (I think so)

    Hey dudes, Check out my new video out - Me showcasing my Autumn look.. well Genie Style.. not a beauty Guru... Hints of Comedy as well :) It was suppose to be uploaded yesterday but i was ill, so i hope you enjoy it.. and Check every Saturday for new videos :)
  6. CorinneBryan

    I might have cut my own hair.

    Hey! Thanks for stopping by :D This is my latest quick video of when i decided to cut me a fringe on facebook live feed. aha ! Take a lickle peek :3
  7. SimplyTrulyA

    Beauty/Makeup Anyone want to do a YouTube collab?

    Hi! My name is Alexis from SimplyTrulyA and I am 13 years old. I am looking for a fellow small YouTuber who wants to do a collab. I am open to any video ideas, such as something Christmas themed just in time for the holidays! If you want to do a collab, then let me know and I will send you my...
  8. MasterDF


    Check out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  9. CorinneBryan

    Beauty/Makeup Online Collab/Tag?!

    Hey! I'm looking to do a online collab with another beauty makeup youtuber. I'm into vintage old school makeup. I also enjoy fun, "will this thing work" type videos or like a fun tag. If your interested in collaborating with me then message me at xx
  10. CorinneBryan

    Uploaded a Glitter eye video!!! Ooooo sparkley!

    Hey! I've recently uploaded a lovely glitter look video on my channel with sparkles and pretty colours! with a lovely red lip to finish off! I love creating videos for my channel <3
  11. Shalyn

    Beauty/Makeup YouTube Friends & Collab

    Hey everyone! My name is Shalyn, and I am a 13 year old beauty/lifestyle YouTuber. Although my cahnnel is based on beauty and lifestyle, I'm open to film any kind of video because I love to try new things! I currently have 49 subscribers, but I am willing to collab with anyone who has more or...
  12. Stefaknee21


    Can anyone tell me how to use Final Cut Pro OR what videos on YouTube helped you use Final Cut Pro? Or what is a good editing software for beauty videos?
  13. Sammi

    Beauty/Makeup Anybody want to do a collab?

    My channel is pretty small at the moment but I'm trying to grow it which is why I'm here. I post a lot of makeup/beauty related videos, as well as storytimes and would love to do a collab with anyone whose content is similar to mine!
  14. Bre

    Beauty/Makeup Collab with me!

    Hey everyone, I'm Bre. I'm 21 and looking for some youtubers to collab with. A little about my channel I have 251 subscribers and 45,000 views. I make makeup and beauty related videos and a little bit of hair videos. My most popular video has 32,000 views. My videos are mainly viewed by people...
  15. BeautyStarGal

    Beauty/Makeup Beauty collabs and/or youtube friends

    Hai! My name is Rose! I am looking for people to collab with and/or youtube friends :twins: I'm 13 and I make beauty videos on youtube. :bounce: I could do a collab on makeup tutorials, beauty Hacks, prom videos, hair tutorials... basically any beauty videos which younger audience would watch...
  16. Ms. Niambi Ayanna

    Other Let's Collab!!!! :)

    Hey guys! I am a new YouTuber and I would love to collaborate with some people to bring more traffic to my channel and just have fun working with someone that shares the same interest in me. My channel is mostly giving advice through a skit playing a therapist. It would be cool if I could have...
  17. CorinneBryan

    100! finally :D

    Hey :D I'm super happy to get my 100 subscribers :D I love youtube and im happy to be part of an amazing community :D yay <3
  18. CorinneBryan

    Beauty/Makeup Hey!! I'd love to collab x

    Hey everyone :D I'd love to start a video collab as i feel it would be fun and fab for my channel! I live in the UK :D Hope you all are fabulouso <3
  19. ItsOriginalToMe

    Who Are Your Favorite Youtubers?

    So Im looking for a few new youtube channels to subscribe to so I was wondering what are your favorite youtubers? Mine are Nigahiga, JacksGap, dicasp, Shaytards, and CTFxC What are yours?
  20. K

    What would you like to see?

    Hi im kelsey i started youtube about a year ago and i just decided to redo my whole channel. Im doing a beauty channel and id like some advice on what you guys would like to see. I only have two videos right now from my previous channel but i want to grow with videos people actually want to...
  21. itsaquagemini

    Pat McGrath? Is the Lipkit worth it?

    Uploaded a video on if I think the Pat McGrath Lipkit is worth the 60 bucks! Check it out if you have the chance <3 Thanks! :)
  22. Divine Beauty

    Beauty/Makeup Anyone interested in a Collab? !

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a beauty guru who would love to Collab with me! I am a smaller YouTube channel trying to grow my channel and looking for new friends in the YT community!
  23. JustCallMeCass

    Help ! Really need honest reviews on my Lifestyle channel

    Hey everyone ! I am loving creating content and putting up videos two times a week ! I would love if anyone could take a quick look at any of my later videos and let me know how I can improve ? I am saving up for a new camera so the quality can improve. Will consistency get me to where I want...
  24. Ruxi

    Beauty/Makeup outfits collab?

    i want to make a collab for an celebrity inspired outfits video. Anyone? My channel is: Careless Ruxi
  25. Olivea-Sea

    Pointers welcome!

    Hi everyone so recently I've started uploading twice a week plus I'm fiddling around with my edit strategy. I'm trying to find a balance between talking and showing during my video's. I hope you guys can enjoy this video and maybe have some pointers on what I can refine!? Lime Crime Product...
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