1. camrynnicolem

    SUMMER HAUL 2017

    Hey guys !! Recently I went shopping a few times, so I thought I would share what I purchased! I hope you enjoy.
  2. V

    Beauty/Makeup Collab on certain makeup look

    any one looking for a collab with a makeup look. I am doing it for exposure of my account. Let me know if interested
  3. ZinQ Nasty

    Beauty/Makeup Fun Beauty Collab for Exposure!

    Hi, I am a dude I wanted to do a small collab that can possibly lead to you getting more exposure. I create moments, vids and funny memes, some of which you probably have seen before. (Vine, World Star, Twitter) And I have an idea that can go viral again. WHAT I NEED YOU TO DO: Capture...
  4. filipaschannel

    Emergency kit!

    Hi guys! I done a video about my emergency makeup kit - a little something I have always ready for when I'm running late. Does anyone else do that? Let me know your opinions on this video and if you do it as well!
  5. Ruxi

    Collab with me :)

    Hello everyone:winky: I am interested in doing a BIG collab with 2 or 3 (or even more) YouTubers. We can choose the topic together and everyone can benefit after this! Tell me if you'd be interested in doing this and being YouTube friends. My channel is: Ruxandra Alexa I'd love to hear back...
  6. Bgirl Sonia

    Beauty/Makeup Over the see collab ?

    Hello I am quite new on YT and just heard about collabs I have few subscribers on my channel and would like to meet other beauty YouTubers I am French so there's few chances we could meet in person but I own and english channel so I am interested in collabs if you are interested, let me know...
  7. JenniferBiana

    Beauty/Makeup Collabing and youtube friends!

    Hi guys, I want to collab w someone on youtube! meetups or long distance are both cool :) Not sure what to collab on, but im open to any ideas! I love fashion and makeup so maybe lookbooks or makeup challenge videos? Check out my channel to see if we would be a good fit! : Jenniferbiana (sorry...
  8. JenniferBiana

    Beauty/Makeup Collab

    Hi, I would be interested in collabing w someone on youtube! meetups or long distance :) Not sure what to collab on, but im open to any ideas! I love fashion and makeup so maybe lookbooks or makeup challenge videos? thanks! reach out to me! instagram: jenniferbiana Dm me :) or email...
  9. Courtney Candice

    Hot topic haul

  10. Heather White

    Affordable Workout Clothing Haul & Try On!

    An awesome haul from some of the cutest brands that I found at Ross! Workout Clothing Haul & Try On
  11. GeniePurple


    Hey everyone, sorry for the late video update as i was ill yesterday but here it is for you guys .. Get ready with me and also random chitchat ...CHECK IT OUT! Hope you enjoy it #Beauty#makeup #youtube #getreadywithme #BlackBeauty #Random#chitchat #Randomtalks #Partylook #Goingutlook
  12. Iza Elle

    Beauty/Makeup Anyone from uk want to collab?

    hey guys ! I'm looking for someone who is interested in YouTube ! Just to chat and have a coffee and film together ! Drop me a message ! I'm from Ipswich, Suffolk UK !
  13. Sorrel

    Beauty/Makeup Collabs?

    looking for beauty/fashion collabs. Live in London so would be cool if u did too but also up for distant collars!! message me on snapchat sorrelesther as i don't really check this xxx
  14. Kalinka Hansen

    Beauty/Makeup I would love to collaborate!

    Hey you My name is Kalinka and I'm currently backpacking in Asia. When I come home (to Denmark in april) I'm planning on 'starting over' with my youtube channel. By that I mean adding a new theme, new videos, new editing and so on. With that I would love to do some collabs and/or make new...
  15. Cleo Nash


    (I did post this in the beauty chat, but no one is biting so here we go lol) I have never done a full face of makeup seriously. I do own a few products but nothing that would people say "damn she beat". SOOOO, one of my next videos I wanted to do is a "funny" makeup for beginners video. MAIN...
  16. ohzana

    Turn Black, Thick Brows Any Color! (Cosplay, etc.)

    This is how I change my brow color for cosplays! I think it could also work well for anyone doing an eccentric stage play, or some sort of silly skit where you need to play a certain character!
  17. T

    Beauty/Makeup Trading Graphic Design for a channel share.

    My name is Tyler Morrison. I’m Alyssa Morrison's older brother. I’m helping her grow her youtube channel. I thought I would reach out to you fellow youtubers and offer my services in exchange for a channel share. I do IT and graphic design for a living and I am willing to trade some of my...
  18. CorinneBryan

    Hit 200 Subs!

    Hey!, I'm super happy that I've hit 200 subscribers as I feel so proud of myself! Its always good to hit a milestone and I've worked hard to achieve this :D Looking forward to the future!!!! xox
  19. Lana Mur

    Beauty/Makeup Collab on Top 5 January favorites

    Hey, guys, I was thinking about filming the January faves for the next week and I would love to collab! I have 26 subscribers which is not a lot since I just got back to my channel last week, but we are here to spread beauty news! E-mail me at Or send me DM to my YouTube...
  20. Heather White

    My Channel Hit 30!

    Excited to share that my channel has hit 30 subscribers! I did hit 31 a week ago, but my subs kind of fluctuate. I'd love any and all advice on improving the quality of my videos. Thanks you guys for all your support and guidance!
  21. Casidhe Lianna

    Beauty/Makeup Collab with qualified makeup artist

    hey lovelies I am looking to collab with a qualified makeup artist, someone who actively works in this field to create a "what I love about being a makeup artist" video, and also a "what I don't love about being a makeup artist" video. Needs to be someone who actively works as a makeup artist so...
  22. akuch

    Beauty/Makeup School Morning/Night Routine Collab

    My favorite videos to watch are morning and night routines, I'm planning on filming one soon. It would be fun to do a collab with a few other youtubers. I would also love to meet youtubers who are around my age (grade 10; 15-16) and who share the same interests . If you're interested feel free...
  23. Katie Jade

    Beauty/Makeup Collabs and YouTube friends

    Hi! I'm Katie Jade, a small YouTube looking to find some YouTube friends to hopefully Collab with. I film vlogs, lifestyle and generally chatty videos. If you would be interested in collating with me it would be really cool to hear from you, my email is, so feel free to...
  24. Christina Lado

    Beauty/Makeup Youtube Friends & Collabs? Located in DFW open to any Location

    Hey Guys! I am a 22 year old recent college grad and fairly new to Youtube! I have had my channel for 2 months now and have 555 subscribers so far. I am looking to collab with anyone who has similar content. I also am looking for Youtube friends because it would be nice to have someone to...
  25. Heather P

    Beauty/Makeup Looking to do a collab :)

    I would like to do a collab with somebody that really loves to do makeup, maybe for the New Year or something? Just comment and we can talk further if you're interested. Love you all <3
  26. CorinneBryan

    Beauty youtuber lighting help?

    Hey all! does anyone know where and how i get the best lighting for close makeup videos?? I'm looking to buy something which can be used for close and full shots :D Thanks xx
  27. MorganKelley

    Beauty/Makeup Looking for more collabs

    Hey everyone If you use discord I opened up a discord channel (which is a free messaging/voice service) for smaller youtubers to join and be able to easily connect with others immediately https:// 3X65QZH Thanks everyone! you'll have to delete the spaces between discord and // and...
  28. Tamara Ten

    Just reached 1,000 subscribers!

    Hey guys, I'm so happy because I just reached 1,000 subscribers on Youtube! I appreciate any support on my channel and hope my channel will continue to grow. If you would like me to check out your channel then just comment on one of my videos. I'm always happy to support other small youtubers...
  29. HelenMorgan

    Meet Up/Gathering Looking to Meet Fellow Youtubers c:

    Hey! I'm Helen and I'm 18. I do beauty/fashion/lifestyle videos, and I'm pretty new to youtube so I would love to meet some other youtubers c: I have skype and I'm open to meetups if anyone is in the Cincinnati area ^_^
  30. MorganKelley

    Beauty/Makeup Long distance Beauty/Fashion Collab -

    Looking for a long distance beauty/fashion collab partner. I live in Texas so If you live in a close enough area I wouldn't mind doing one in person either. I'm overall looking for new friends on youtube and to expand my channel and help yours in the process as well. Hit me up on social...
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