1. MasterDF

    Mukbang on Accutane: Month 2

    Please check out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  2. MasterDF

    Mukbang on Accutane: Month 2

    Chaeck out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  3. MasterDF

    WikiHow: To Lessen Your Double Chin

    Check out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  4. MasterDF

    WikiHow: To Lessen You Double Chin

    Check out my new video! Let me know what you thinik!
  5. MasterDF

    WikiHow: To Lessen Your Double Chin

    Check out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  6. Tiwalayo

    Vlog Looking to Collaborate and Make Friends!

    Hello, I'm Teewa and I would LOVE to collaborate with someone who is into fashion, beauty/makeup, Travel and lifestyle I currently live in Germany and would like to collaborate with someone from the UK/France and of course Germany (within EUROPE) I hope this thread brings like minded people...
  7. Olivia Beltran

    Beauty/Makeup looking for collabs and friends.

    i recently started a new channel that will base on beauty, reviews, cooking, lifestyle and more. it will be an honor to meet someone here to collab with and also make friends.
  8. Pauline R

    Create a viral video

    I would like to create a viral videos in beauty and makeup. Do you guys have some ideas to share ? That could help other as well I was a miss in France and the winner was knew in advance it was a crazy things to all girls and we were really nervous about that...
  9. Des_Leah

    Beauty/Makeup Looking for my Homies

    Hey guys! Looking for some lovely people to collab with and make some friends. If you're interested, reply back here or DM me in IG @Des_Leah. Hope to see you all soon, thanks!
  10. Dixieee_

    Honest feedback is appreciated!

    Hey, I just started a Youtube channel which is gonna be based around beauty & sfx, vlogs and daily random things. But mainly beauty & sfx. I would love some honest feedback to what I can do better and to improve myself. Both videos are filmed with my iPhone 6s. And in the first video the...
  11. Tiwalayo

    Meet Up/Gathering PRAGUE, Czech Republic MEET UP

    Hello, I would LOVE to meet up and perhaps collaborate with someone who is into fashion, beauty/makeup, Travel and Lifestyle, I live in Germany. I will however be in Prague, Czech Republic for the New Year, so it would be nice if we could meet up. My email address is All...
  12. Shai

    Beauty/Makeup Networking and Collaborations

    Hey everyone! I am wanting to collaborate and network with some YouTubers in my area. I've never done a collab before but my videos are mostly Fashion based but I am not opposed to doing a Makeup video.
  13. Katie Jade

    Other Small Youtuber Collab/ Make Youtube Friends

    Hi, I'm Katie, I have a small channel (400 subscribers) and I make fashion, makeup, lifestyle and random videos. I really want to find other small YouTubers to collab with and make youtube friends! I have loads of ideas and am open to suggestions! If you're interested in talking, feel free to...
  14. Sony1210

    Glowing Baby!

  15. Sony1210

    Toddler Curly Hair Routine

  16. Sony1210

    Glowing Baby!

  17. Sony1210

    How to do a slick bun!

  18. Sony1210

    Curly Hair Routine

  19. Allie Danielle

    I found a cute clothing store that has a $1.99 FLASH SALE!!!

    If guys are interested
  20. LifeWithAnnie

    Beauty/Makeup Beauty Collab

    Hey guys! I'm Annie and I'm looking for a collaboration either physically where we would create videos for both our channels (I live in the UK so would have to be here unless you're willing to travel) or shoutouts/recommendations of each-others channels. I do have makeup videos on my channel as...
  21. Jenni Nexus

    Beauty/Makeup T-Shirt Cutting + DIY fashion

    :dance: Hi friends. Love this site & popping in to check out what’s going on in YTtalk forums. Thought I’d share my DIY / fashion / t-shirt cutting channel in case anyone is interested. Even though my most popular video on my main channel is a shirt cutting vid, and that was my inspiration...
  22. Elaine Hoang

    Beauty/Makeup Looking for Collabs or Fellow YT friends to support!

    Hi, My name is Elaine Hoang, missylaineous on Youtube, and I wanted to post here because I wanted to make YT friends and support one another. I want to be able to make Youtube not only more enjoyable for me, but for others as well and the only way to do that is to support one another with the...
  23. Anne G

    Beauty/Makeup Meet new beauty artist and collab!

    Hello! My name is Anne, I am looking to meet people who are looking to collaborate with me on beauty makeup videos. Even if you are overseas, you can connect with me here, youtube or instagram @panachestudios Hope to chat soon :)
  24. A

    Lifestyle Collab

    Hey everyone! My name is Anna Gibbons and I am a lifestyle vlogger on youtuber. I am 22 years old and am looking to collab with other vloggers like me!
  25. Hiper115

    Beauty/Makeup Looking For Talented Beauty Youtubers

    Do you feel like your hard-worked on projects get no recognition? Youtube is a harsh environment where you either grind for years to get to the top or become the %0.1 that get lucky. I need beauty Youtubers who want to shine and don't want their amazing videos to be washed up by the millions...
  26. OndaWire

    You have to Love HONESTY

    This short 2 1/2 minutes video was my most fun one yet! GUYS and LADIES has this ever happen to you?? BE HONEST!! lol I know I was embarrassed but I handled it!
  27. glo empress

    Beauty/Makeup anyone wan to collab

    hello everyone, I am new to YouTube, I post makeup tutorials and I am looking for any YouTube collabs and YouTube friends ...if interested contact me be email or dm me on insta @ serqet.cosmetics !!!
  28. BrianTheVideoShooter

    Winter nature beauty

    Beautiful winter nature (Beauty) at the Western Rampart fortification in Copenhagen, Denmark. A cold day but it's fresh weather and wintertime again.
  29. Sana


  30. Courtney Candice

    How to get rid of acne

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