What was your first video uploaded on YouTube?

I think mine was some BF3 multiplayer gameplay. I think the audio was bad and it was badly cut but It was a start. It's good to look back and see how you've changed and also to remind yourself not to be lazy and slip into bad old habits
I still really like my first video. I didn't have the equipment I do now and I think my editing skills have gotten better, but the general idea and everything was fun. At that time, I was still working as a teacher and I started jotting down dumb/weird things my students would do. Then I went in on a Sunday, dressed up like different kids, and acted out the things I'd written down. I've done another one with the same idea since then and I'm planning on doing another one in the future.
2009 - Guitar cover to He's A Pirate From Pirates of the Caribbean. It was bad, audio sucked, my camera didn't record sound so it had to be lined up in post.

sigh.. and as of today is has 42 views after just 7 years!
Mine was a video called "Attention Control" basically using a magic trick to show how magicians control people's attention. My handling of the cards isn't the smoothest but we still got good reactions and it's one of my most popular videos, so I still like it.
My first video on YouTube was about a Club Penguin "hack", but I didn't know how to screen capture, so I drew some pictures of penguins in a Disney art program and put it into a video with High School Musical music in the background. Then, four years later, when it started getting a lot of hate, eleven year old me decided to lash out at everyone in the comments. I wish I knew the password for that account so I could remove that video from this godforsaken earth.
Okay, so my first ever YouTube video was my friends and I dancing to California Girls by Katy Perry in the 7th grade... It was at the peak of my awkward stage. It has since been removed from the internet, thank god.
Back in 2006, when i was a kid a made an anime music video of Inuyasha in Windows Movie Maker. i actually don't remember taking it off or deleting that old account. so it's probably somewhere on YouTube still!! OH GOD :eeks:
Mine was a while back when I didn't know how to computer at all :D I recorded my minecraft gameplay though a webcam thinking that's how everyone does it :D , I still have that video on my private youtube account just to remind me to never stop learning :)