1. lastnamebanks

    I Fell In A River !!!

    I was so embarrassed I almost didn't post this. Tell me what you guys think or if it made you laugh.
  2. Sad-Fo-1

    What was your first video uploaded on YouTube?

    okay.. I haven't seen any thread like this or may be there is I don't know..so thought of starting one. So what was your first video uploaded on YouTube? I know first videos are really awkward and embarrassing. Mine was a recording inside the mini trains in the JFK airport and I uploaded that...
  3. paigelknowles

    Do you want to laugh your butt off at my expense?!?!?!

    Then watch this!!!! LOL I filmed my encounter with a giant wolf spider the other day and posted it to the internet for all of the world to see!! Here you go:
  4. J

    Are you embarrassed to be doing Youtube?

    Hello, Everyone! I wanted to know how you feel about doing Youtube. Do you ever feel weird about telling your friends or parents about your youtube channel? What do they think about it? I understand there may be a lot of people that don't really get it, so I wondered if anyone on here tried to...