What was your first video uploaded on YouTube?

truly the wost.
A movie maker "knuckles the echidna tribute" made entirely from MS Paint pictures drawn with a mouse.

I've definitely come a long way haha
I did upload some gameplay videos of Call of Duty 4 back in the day, but my first Let's Play is a video I consider my first video! Oh my god, so cringy, recorded my voice with Apple Headphones and on my Macbook Pro. Minecraft, the game that started it all!

Glad to see I've come a long way. ;)
3 Youtube channels back, just when COD MW3 came out made a little montage, the last 2 minutes are just plain black with music.
My first video was a story about me getting a pacman arcade machine for my birthday about 30 years ago with me playing it while telling the story. I uploaded it at 8:16 pm on February 16th 2016 (2016.02.16 @ 20:16)
When I was in a band (I'd have been 16) I'd upload our stuff so it would have been a live performance of some kind. I recently went back to some of them and one has over 4'000 views with the greatest hate comments I've ever seen!
Mine was just a recording of me with a cold and rambling as I looked at and recorded my dog.
It was a while back, probably 6 years ago or so, I had posted a video to my YouTube channel that me and my friends made for a class project about the safety of wearing a bicycle helmet and using hand signals. I don't even remember what the assignment actually was. It was super cheesy, had horrible quality, and I'm pretty sure all the information was made up. I deleted it shortly after it was graded. I kind of wish that I hadn't though, it would be funny to look back on and watch.
Mine was literally our first video, I'd never uploaded anything since then. It felt very daunting though when I did!