What makes you unsubscribe from a channel?

TFW people say they unsubscribe from inactivity but animation takes months to finish.

TFW people say they unsubscribe from a shift in content, but you uplaod that different kind of content hoping to fill the gaps that animation takes.

There are some bigger channels that you know what there uploading schedule usually looks like or you know aren't going anywhere.

For smaller channels, if they usually upload consistently then went dark for a month or two it's a good chance they might have just quit so I like to clean those up first. Of course if they are still active on my channel with comments and stuff I will stay subscribed
A lot of the smaller channels I am subcribed to is so we can help each other out. So I treat those subscriptions differently then the channels I am subbed to for my own entertainment purposes.

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I usually don't unsubscribe from larger channels but I do unsubscribe from smaller ones as I think for me personally the smaller channels are a lot about creating relationships. That is also not usually your target audience as they are trying to do the same thing you are and are focused on growing their channel. They are the people that you can work to help grow each other.

On my channel I always respond back to comments and if another small channel is consistently watching my videos, subscribed, and commenting I make it my business to give them the same respect by subbing them, visiting them and commenting on their videos. It doesn't necessarily have to be on every video but just to show face once in a while. As small channels we are all in the same boat trying to grow.

So if I visit a small channel often, comment and like their videos I do expect them to visit once in a while and kind of return the favor. If it is a one sided relationship, I will unsubscribe from that channel. There are just a small number of small channels I would stay subscribed to whether they visited or not.

My video feed just starting having to much videos in it and channels I wanted to support were just getting lost in the mix so this was s good way to shrink the list down for me.

I will also get rid of channels that haven't uploaded in a month or more unless they are still active within the community.

Clickbait and lazy content, I am considering of even unsubbing pewdiepie. I don't like any of his currently stuff. Love the From Soft let's play but everything else is just too childish for me. Another type is the big GTA 5 youtubers, at this point, I unsubbed all of them. Too much crap content and clickbait. It has gotten really bad.
When he/she doesn't upload frequently, or when a youtuber decides to take a small break without letting their subscribers know why and when he/she will upload again :/
Honestly, I rarely unsubscribe from channels. Typically it happens when they post something that I'm completely not interested in, or that is offensive

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