1. tlegacytv

    Finally hit 100+ subscribers! Aw yeah!

    I finally reached over 100 subscribers after making videos or almost 4 months. I wanted to hit 100 subs before 2017 and I did it sooner than I expected. It started off really slow but for the last few weeks I have been having a nice steady growth on my channel and it is really nice. I actually...
  2. tlegacytv

    What makes you unsubscribe from a channel?

    Luckily it hasn't happened recently that I know of but there was a period where I was stuck around the 29 sub range because people would unsubscribe just as new people subscribed. I have a feeling it could be my consistency and I plan on changing my banner soon. I had a feeling that people...
  3. tlegacytv

    What I Hate About the Gym | TlegacyTV

    You are probably wondering what I hate about the gym? Well you must be curious since you click on the video or maybe you go to the gym yourself and want to find something in here that you can relate to. Well your boy Tlegacy is here to help. In this video I will be giving my thoughts and...
  4. tlegacytv

    I have a quarter of 100 subs and 200 views! Yaay!

    This was originally for getting 20 subs but I had a tiny surge of people find my channel through one of my comments on a Youtube video. It is such a nice boast of motivation when a person finds my channel and finds enjoyment from my dumb animation videos lol but I do it because I love it. I do...
  5. tlegacytv

    My Thoughts on Public Transportation | TlegacyTV

    If any of you guys have ever had the pleasure of using public transportation than I am sorry for you too. You are not alone. Many others suffer just like us and I would like to give my honest opinion on public transportation in this animated video. It might seem convenient on the surface but...
  6. tlegacytv

    What does family and friends think of your channel (if you told them)?

    What does your family and friends think of your YouTube channel? How did you break it/introduce it to them? If you have not told anyone about it is there any reason why? I feel like most people that start off don't tell anyone (including myself) but I could be wrong. I am just curious.
  7. tlegacytv

    10 subscribers! #thecomeup

    I shouldn't be as excited because I know it's not a lot but something about knowing people look forward to my next video that makes me extremely happy! I started my animation channel over a month ago because animation is something that I have always wanted to do. Thank you guys so much for...
  8. tlegacytv

    Welcome to the channel! TlegacyTV

    This is not my first video but just in case you are curious about what my channel is all about and love animation I suggest you give it a watch. Maybe leave a like and subscribe while you are at it. Thank you for watching and let me know what you think.
  9. tlegacytv


    I have had a little experience playing the game that has literally been sweeping the nation lately. I thought it was fun but it does have a few problems that I'd like to make a few comments on. If you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe. I make animations every 1 to 2 weeks.