road to 100

  1. BrandyKoopa

    50 subs woo

    Finally I reached 50 subs I hope I can get 100 subs next
  2. tlegacytv

    What makes you unsubscribe from a channel?

    Luckily it hasn't happened recently that I know of but there was a period where I was stuck around the 29 sub range because people would unsubscribe just as new people subscribed. I have a feeling it could be my consistency and I plan on changing my banner soon. I had a feeling that people...
  3. tlegacytv

    What I Hate About the Gym | TlegacyTV

    You are probably wondering what I hate about the gym? Well you must be curious since you click on the video or maybe you go to the gym yourself and want to find something in here that you can relate to. Well your boy Tlegacy is here to help. In this video I will be giving my thoughts and...
  4. tlegacytv

    I have a quarter of 100 subs and 200 views! Yaay!

    This was originally for getting 20 subs but I had a tiny surge of people find my channel through one of my comments on a Youtube video. It is such a nice boast of motivation when a person finds my channel and finds enjoyment from my dumb animation videos lol but I do it because I love it. I do...