What makes you unsubscribe from a channel?

I usually don't unsubscribe from larger channels but I do unsubscribe from smaller ones as I think for me personally the smaller channels are a lot about creating relationships. That is also not usually your target audience as they are trying to do the same thing you are and are focused on growing their channel. They are the people that you can work to help grow each other.

On my channel I always respond back to comments and if another small channel is consistently watching my videos, subscribed, and commenting I make it my business to give them the same respect by subbing them, visiting them and commenting on their videos. It doesn't necessarily have to be on every video but just to show face once in a while. As small channels we are all in the same boat trying to grow.

So if I visit a small channel often, comment and like their videos I do expect them to visit once in a while and kind of return the favor. If it is a one sided relationship, I will unsubscribe from that channel. There are just a small number of small channels I would stay subscribed to whether they visited or not.

My video feed just starting having to much videos in it and channels I wanted to support were just getting lost in the mix so this was s good way to shrink the list down for me.

I will also get rid of channels that haven't uploaded in a month or more unless they are still active within the community.
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If they don't produce content for a long time according to the content (for example gaming vids daily, but then no gaming vids for a week, or no animations in 3 months when the usual schedule is biweekly)
I know what you mean. I am trying to have a set schedule for my channel to give the viewers an idea so I might change my banner.[DOUBLEPOST=1478759017,1478758859][/DOUBLEPOST]
I feel your pain, I'm at 83 at the moment if people didn't unsubscribe I'd be at like 91 but I guess it's better they unsub rather than been inactive, usually I unsub as I get bored of watching the content
I would have had over 80+ myself but I really like your optimistic way of looking at it :)[DOUBLEPOST=1478759273][/DOUBLEPOST]
I don't unsub often, maybe an annual purge of inactives or things I have zero interest anymore. On a singular basis I might get annoyed by someone spamming my timeline with 50 uploads in one day. Have had that happen a few times with some bands/music channels, one time a band made 50 videos for every single different "city" they would have a concert in and I was just like f**k off... you could easily have it in one vid with timecodes or whatever in the first second of vid, but noo...

I'm sure the majority are like that, unsub cause lack of interest, or too much content and they get annoyed, not enough content...etc
I know exactly what you mean. I have unsubbed from some gaming channels that may upload 6 to 12 gameplays a day and it can be pretty annoying. Thank you for your input!
I don't really unsub much. I subscribed when I get entertained. And I believe that if you entertained me once, you can do it again if you hit the right spot. Although when there are times I unsub from a channel, it's usually when I realize I don't really like em or the content that I liked from them was just a flash in a pan.
For me a few reasons.
I sub to many channels and twice daily I watch all of them.
If a channel gets repetiitive; I get bored and unsub.
Or maybe I have a new hobby and give up and so I will no longer wish to watch the videos - I unsub
Or if I find I regularly skip videos from a creator - maybe just due to time - I will unsub
The reasons I usually unsub are either if the channel hasn't uploaded in a huge amount of time or I stop being interested in the content either because he changes the kind of content or simply I realize it's not my kind of content.
I lose interest in their content or they start posting things I dislike or disagree with constantly.
Usually inactivity. I'll clean out my subscriptions every once in a while, and if a channel hasn't posted in a long time, I'll just unsubscribe because I don't want the clutter.
probably due to spamming my home page. or a major shift in content.

looking at the responses here, I've probably lost a good amount of subs to inactivity and how long it takes me to make videos. - duly noted!