What makes you unsubscribe from a channel?

I get annoyed when my favorite YouTubers don't upload consistently! When they don't do that, it makes me not want to watch them as much
I get annoyed when my favorite YouTubers don't upload consistently! When they don't do that, it makes me not want to watch them as much
Having experience with that issue, sometimes life happens and its difficult to post all the time. It's a struggle that hurts to deal with, but life comes first.
TFW people say they unsubscribe from inactivity but animation takes months to finish.

TFW people say they unsubscribe from a shift in content, but you uplaod that different kind of content hoping to fill the gaps that animation takes.

Something that would probably make me unsubscribe if they did a 180 in personality. This is difficult because there's so many different things that could make me unsub.
An overwhelming number of uploads. Uploads of too much variety (one day vlog, one day games, one day beauty, one day education).
Uploads of lazy quality. Uploads that are just 'updates' with promises of a real upload soon.
That's a good list for start.
i don't usually unsub. only reason I unsub is if its something i've grown out of like minecraft. not really something i look for anymore.
well what would make me unsubscribe for a channel is if i found them consistently boring. and just after a while, I would find them unwatchable.
Luckily it hasn't happened recently that I know of but there was a period where I was stuck around the 29 sub range because people would unsubscribe just as new people subscribed. I have a feeling it could be my consistency and I plan on changing my banner soon. I had a feeling that people were already aware that animation videos takes a lot of time to make. I am not complaining or anything. After the first few unsubs it doesn't really faze you anymore lol This got me curious so I wanted to hear your thoughts on this. What are some things that causes you to unsubscribe from a channel?
Could be different reasons, like maybe not interested, but another reason you should watch out are the subs for subs, they sub just for you to check out there channel and sub, if you don do it, or once you do it, they will unsub you because there sub number is growing
Inconsistency, unoriginality and not being able to entertain me anymore.
I'm possibly one of the most bitchiest people when it comes to subscribing to a channel so you really gotta win me over! :)
I very seldom unsubscribe from anyone because I find most Youtube channels that I've already visited through my Bookmarks and history. I focus on a select few and sometimes revisit old videos that they've done.

The biggest reason I've ever had for unsubscribing from someone is either offensive content or I'm no longer on good terms with the person I'm subscribed to. It's my way of cutting all ties with a bad relationship, which there were a few.

Other than that, I just leave them be. Even if I don't watch a guy's videos, I'm still subscribed to them. That said, I'm picky about who I subscribe to. Only people that I really enjoy or people I've already done collabs with get a sub from me.