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Welp. It's the end of 2020 as we know it. So I thought i'd dip my head in to wish everyone who's dropped by over the years a VERY happy new year! hopefully next year will be a bit of an improvement over this one! in the mean time here's my last 2 videos of the year! Cheers! :thanksthumbs:

And we tie off the Connery era once and for all on the Comedy Dinining experience!

Reviews will now take a brief hiatus while I work on admin and editing, but there'll be 2 new commentaries in January and we should be back by February :) so. Once again; I hope everyone has a happy new year and I hope you all stay safe! :D
Hi all!

I hope your all well! I just thought i'd pop my head in to let you all know that the new season starts in 2 days and im super stoked to share some absolute trash with you guys over the next few weeks! :D

For now though; I just wanted to share a couple of Comedy Dining experiences that have gone out over January!

I also recently "Upgraded" one of my older reviews, cleaning up the audio, putting some deleted content back in and re-editing some of it to give it a bit of a better more modern feel! so if your feeling adventurous you can find that here!

Well! we're back! new season and a HELL of a bad movie to kick us off! (Seriously I think this is the best worst movie I've seen in at least the last 10 years.) :eek:

It's been a busy week over at TYTD Towers ladies and gents! we've had a few videos come out over the last week! 2 reviews and a commentary!

First! we took a deep dive into the crazy world of Mark Pirro for his 35mm debut Deathrow Gameshow:

Then we get suuuuper mushy as the missus joins me for a valentines special of "Jaws": Comedy Dining Experience:

And finally! fresh off the presses released only a few hours ago! we have Earth Alien (Endangered Species):

I hope you guys diggit! cheers!
This week! we're back at it again with the Spicy softcore erotica (No Nudity, a LOTTA gyrating...im gonna still say this ones probably NSFW...but proceed at your peril) :devil:

Equally! this week we also sat down with one Applemask and Chriddof to watch some british Public information films. and we had a jolly good time watching them too! (AND! we have actual video for these!) :D

This week! did someone say; "Awful Martial arts movie thats somehow been edited down and made EVEN WORSE!?" because if so; enjoy

This week! to celebrate hitting 500 subscribers; we decided to sit down with a LOT of booze and tackle an out and out Classic of trash Cinema! :crown:

And I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who still drops by to check out my video here. I really do appreciate your continued support and I hope you stay with us in the years to come!

Also! last friday we dropped our latest review for Horror Hospital! a british horror where Lobotomy's are the flavour of the day!

Well we have a bumper crop this week! 3 new videos thanks to a rather hectic week! So! kicking things off we have an obscure "Abandoned on VHS" action drama that I think quite honestly is an underrated classic in the making. Here's "Riverbend"

Then! we had a comedy dining experince release this week! and we continued our Bond movie marathon by moving into the Moore era! with "Live and Let Die"

And to top things off! here's this weeks review of David Cronenbergs first feature films! "Shivers!"

Well! Long time no see! Apologies for being AWOL! (life has a nasty habit of being life as you understand!) but im here :D and I have some catching up to do!

Firstly! a thriller drama about school massacres thats sympathetic towards the attacker! :eek:

Then! we travel to mysterious alien planets with a superman knockoff from Japan! it's from the non unionised branch of TOHO (Shin Toho) so it's gotta be good! right? right!?

and then finally we've recorded a new commentary for the 2000 shot on video movie "Nutbag" which we're particualrly proud of! :D

Hopefully I should be back on the regular now, though im in the middle of some quite intense work on the September/December schedule so things may be a bit slower than normal!
Hi All!

Well! Life continues to get violently in the way of things! but! im back again with a couple more visual delights for you!

First off! probably Eric Roberts best movie:

And secondly! a Video nasty that put the "Awn" in "Yawn"!