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Hi All!

Well; things are apparently STILL quite hectic and im once again playing catch up on reviews! (Apologies; I absolutely promise we'll be up to date before this weeks out!) SO! here are 2 reviews and a commentary to help make up for things :D

First! an oft forgetten Rick Sloan sci-fi movie thats...just baffling quite frankly:

Next up; a bad movie in EVERY sense of the word. 1990's Demon Cop. The only film where you'll get to see a demon fight 2 cops with patio furniture.

And finally another entry in our James Bond Commentary series!:

Hi All! im back again with another catch up post! heres a catch up of the last couple of weeks.:D

First! a shot on video kids movie about paintballing from 2006 or 2007...its about as bad as you'd think. :cold: :eek:

Then our 1 obligatory GOOD movie of the year! :D

And wrapping things up, a mad max knock off "Steel Dawn" and; unfotunately, this review got blocked worldwide by Lionsgate. So I've had to remove almost all of the visuals. but I hope it doesnt interfere too much with putting across my thoughts. :cheerbeer:

Hi All!

Well! we've reached the end of another full season! it's been a blast going through some of these deep cuts and we're already well underway with production on our latter half of the years worth of content!
in the meantime here are our last few reviews:

First up, have you ever asked yourself "What if Driller Killer had a middle class couple as the main characters rather than a triptic on skid row?" well ask no more!

Then! we finished off the season with a trip to Uganda! as we take a look at "Who Killed Captain Alex" a film that genuinely shows that there is heart in the film industry still!

and as a bonus a new feature length commentary for the Clint Howard vehical "The Ice Cream Man" dropped last week! so give it a spin and beat the heat!

We'll be back at the very end of August for a new season and a couple of milestones! (Our 10th Season AND our 5th Anniversairy of making reviews!) There will be a couple of other bits and bobs dropping though in the next couple of months and I'll be sure to pop them here! till then though I hope you all have an awesome summer!
Hay all! Long time no see! I hope your all keeping safe and well and that life as been as gentle as a twig gliding on the shoulders of a mighty stream!
we're still on a break at the minute prepping for our September - December schedule amongst other things, but we've made a few new videos in the last few weeks!

First off! a couple of commentaries! as we continue our Journey through all of the James Bond movies with "The Spy Who Loved me"

Followed by a FAB trip into the 60's Beatles classic "A Hard Days Night"

And finally! a few days ago we launched our Summer special! as me and my special Guest G.G Graham take a deep dive on the grindhouse exploitation classic "I drink your blood!"

There'll be a couple more commentaries going out through August but otherwise! We'll see you at the very end of August for the launch of Season 10!
Hi All! well we're back today with a brand new review! and given we're into my 5th year of doing this coupled with it being our 10th "series" of reviews I decided to kick things up a notch and so, all through this month we'll be doing 2 reviews a week covering the early career of SOV film maker JR Bookwalter. we've also done a couple of commentaries over the last couple of weeks as well!:

First! we covered "The Dragon Lives again" as part of our continuing Bond Marathon!:

Then! a cult classic wild enough to make you want to grab a mcdonalds! we took a look at "Mac & Me":

Which brings us to todays movie! "The Dead Next Door" a zombie film that personifies "The 5 out of 10 feature"

Hi all! this week we're still on the double bubble! and we've finally cracked open the SOV six pack! here's the first 2 entries "Kingdom of the Vampire" and "Zombie Cop"

Well! the inevitable falling behind of posting these has begun (I swear this happens every year) But! hopefully I'll catch back up sooner rather than later!
In the mean time here's the next 2 entries in the JR Bookwalter "SOV Six Pack Series"

I also sat down with a few cult afficionados to do a full length commentary for 1992's "Chick Boxer"! which was a real thrill!:

Hi all!

Well! we're on a roll as we close out our Month on J.R bookwalter films with two absolute bangers!

AND! with halloween now in full swing! I present a VERY special themed month from "The Red Triangle" focussed on the man, the myth, the legend that is. Vincent Price.

Hope your all keeping well!