TYTD Review/Red Triangle Reviews

Hi All!

Well with Halloween mere days away heres our latest halloween specials as we continue our look at the career of Vincent Price!

Hi All! well it's not far off December now, so I thought i'd finally close the door on October! :cold:

First off; we have a commentary for the 1981 slice of camp "The Monster Club"

And closing off the halloween season we have the Stone. Cold. Classic. that is "Theatre of Blood"
Hi all!

Well! christmas is just around the corner! so heres a slice of my latest!

First off, genuinely one of the worst films i've ever paid for AND! it was made in the last 5 years!

then! we take a look at a deep cut Roger Corman movie thats all but been forgotten (with good reason!)

and this week! we take another deep dive into the "Best of the best" franchise!

and as if this wasnt a bumper post as it is! we also did a full feature commentary for the bond film "For your eyes only"

Many happy returns ladies and gents! Christmas is imminently upon us and we're getting a touch festive with our reviews!

First! Lets get November out of the way with a bit of the old ultra violence:

Then! a Japanese take on "Jack and Beanstalk"!? what a delight!

And...arguably...one of the worst christmas films i've seen. warning: May contain Eric Roberts.

And! it's a month of double bubble for our commentaries! and this time around we take a look at 1989's "Things"
Hi All! and a much belated Happy New Year! I hope January has been less craptacular to you all than before! I've been freebasing coffee and pulling double shifts to try and get some new reviews lined up for February! so! here are some of the last reviews of 2021!

Firstly a childrens film that...frankly ASTOUNDED me at just how bleak it got in places. seriously; it makes "Threads" look like "The Teletubbies" This is Annabelles Wish:

Then! the final review of the year! as we take a look at a PROTO proto slasher in the form of "Silent Night Bloody Night"

and finally; the last video we posted for 2021 and we're taking a trip into "Alternative James Bond" terratory as we team up with secret agent Weng-weng in "For Your Height Only:

We have a couple more commentaries due out imminently; but for now I hope your all keeping well and heres hoping 2022 is a winner!
Hay Guys!

Well! we're back with a new run of reviews on friday! So I thought i'd take the opportunity to catch back up! we've had 2 commentaries out so far this year!

The first was for a series of Drug PSA's from the AGFA's fantastic "Drug Stories: Vol 1" set

And; continuing our Bond trip, we took a look at the most "Egg"cellent "Octopussy:
Hi all!

Well! we're back! a new run of reviews is underway! and things are about as awful as can be expected!

First! we hit the ground running with a frankly AWFUL early 2000s sci-fi Horror that is literally 90% Greenscreen. I loved it. :D

Then! We wrapped up our look at the "American Ninja" movies with Part 4! a film that decided ACTUALLY putting two stars together would be "TOO CRAZY! :cold:

and finally! this week! we took a look at "Camp Blood" a SOV movie from 1999 that REALLY wants to be Friday the 13th...but without the budget...or body count...or blood. :confused::poop:

Hi all! Im back again with another batch of...well I wont say "good" movies...but lets say, tolerable!

Kicking things off! we have the first "Red Triangle" of the year! "Serpents Lair" and erotic thriller with the sex taken out...

Then we have a monstrocity of a kids movie! "Gooby" (Also known as "A Ted Called Gooby") the poster lets you know what kind of hell scape your getting into.

And! rounding things off! we have 1988's "The Brain" watch as a mutated ******* chases some teenagers around a warehouse for 45 minutes!

Hi All! Welp. have I got a set of reviews for YOU! (seriously this is SUCH a mixed bag!)

First off! "The Ninja Squad" a Godfrey Ho Ninja fest thats...frankly just a bizarre mish mash of footage! fun enough though!

Then! We revisit the Video Nastys as we take a look at our first Jess Franco film "Bloody Moon"!

And finally; the 2nd worst film i've ever seen in my entire life. Its just. Mesmorizingly bad. SO bad.
Hi all! Long time no see! it's been an absolutely manic couple of months honestly with my personal life AND the channel pretty much eating up any and all time I've had. BUT! this is the first weekend I've had in weeks where I havent had much going on, so i've decided to try and tidy things up a bit :) starting with sharing a few of our most recent reviews with you lovely folks!

First up! a collabrative effort on the comedy horrror movie "Cannibal Girls" Ivan Reitmans directoral debut!:

From there! we then took a look at "Tough and Deadly" a latter day Rowdy Roddy Piper/Billy Blanks buddy action movie that...well; it exists! :D

And topping all this off we took on "Phantom of the Ritz" a VERY obscure comedy horror that tries to do "The Phantom of the opera" in the 80s with a 50's throwback vibe...its VERY odd to be honest...

And! as a bonus! we got back on the bond this month with the final roger moore film "A View to a Kill"! :D

Hope your all staying safe!