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If it's radioactive, Its on TYTD
Hi all!
I thought I would use this thread to share a few of my reviews from over on my youtube channel. the idea behind my channel is basically to cover the films that time forgot...purposfully or otherwise; there are plenty of oddities to be found and even though I say it's largely obscure stuff that doesnt mean the odd classic wont get a look in ;)

as i've been doing these for a little bit at this point I'm only going to post my personal favourites over here until I get caught up So if you like what you see here please do feel free to check out my channel where there will be plenty more! :) heres one of my earliest reviews for the 80's Cannon film classic "The American Ninja 2"

[DOUBLEPOST=1508270598,1508270113][/DOUBLEPOST]On top of my "TYTD Reviews" episodes which cover the sillier or cheaper side of cinema I have another show that runs on a monthly basis on my channel called "The Red Triangle" this ones a little bit more adult and deals with everything from Experimental art cinema, to cult classics to the kind of thing that would most definately be classed as not safe for work. these tend to be a little bit more thoughtful of cinema in general than of one film in particular though it really depends on the film being covered really...this was the first one and it's also my shortest one so far.

Well today is a new upload day (I upload every friday) but that wont be for another 7-8 hours or so yet so I thought I'd chuck a few more of my reviews up on here before my latest one drops :) again these are just my handpicked favorites theres loads more over on my channel :)

Hi all! Well on Friday I uploaded my latest episode so I thought I'd finally finish off backdating my videos to this page and post up my latest offering :) Also; I've been planning something really special over the last few weeks and I can finally talk about it this week so i'll be sure to post here about it as soon as I can :) In the mean time enjoy! :)

Hi All!, Theres going to be an announcement video uploaded tomorrow for something im rather excited about so I thought I'd share one of my reviews a little bit earlier than normal! :) Hope you all enjoy!
So! Here's the big announcement and honestly It was really hard to keep it a secret for this long! :) This halloween my Channel is putting on a horror-thon marathon! :) a 6 hour non stop monster movie marathon featuring 4 classic movies! :) the marathon even comes complete with its own "Creepy host" ;) I hope you can tune in as I'll be in the comments for most of the night hoping to have a darn good time with you guys! :)
Rounding off my halloween themed month heres quite possibly the most mainstream film I've reviewed so far :)

Semi Update video and also a friendly reminder (The last one I promise) that tonight we're going to be doing a big horror livestream from 6:30pm GMT (International times are in the description) please do feel free to drop by and say hello! :)

[DOUBLEPOST=1509478476,1509454738][/DOUBLEPOST]And we're live everybody! hope you enjoy! :)

Hi all! well halloweens over and here's the worst film I've ever seen! :D
This week we look at Cyborg cop! a 1993 stunner starring a familiar member of Lord of the Rings! :)

Edit! Sadly this video got content ID'd by a third party company that wern't in the mood for discussion...so I've taken the effected clip out of this edit and re-uploaded... :)
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Well this week...a kung-fu comedy with a crazy old man screaming about chicken.