Meet Up/Gathering Somebody in Berlin for the League Worlds Finals?


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Oct 27, 2015
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Hello fellow players!
This year's final match is coming and among a few lucky bastards, I also have a ticket for the Finals in Berlin!
As a little not-even-YouTuber-but-I-like-to-vlog guy, I'd like to make video/s there. It would be really fun, if I could meet with some of you. Maybe before the event, or even during it, the point is just to have fun and enjoy the (hopefully Silver Scraped) match!
Is there anybody here who would like to meet, or a group of people who seeks more?
I've also made a really silly little animation about my ticket and about that meet-up idea.
And finally I hope everybody will have a great Finals either home or in the Mercedes-Benz Arena!
See you soon!
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