1. Tiwalayo

    Meet Up/Gathering PRAGUE, Czech Republic MEET UP

    Hello, I would LOVE to meet up and perhaps collaborate with someone who is into fashion, beauty/makeup, Travel and Lifestyle, I live in Germany. I will however be in Prague, Czech Republic for the New Year, so it would be nice if we could meet up. My email address is All...
  2. Crazy Winny

    Vlog Looking for YOU in Germany, in particular Berlin!

    Please write back if you are living in Germany. I'm looking to collab!!
  3. Crazy Winny

    Vlog Looking to VLOG with YOU in Berlin!

    Hey there, I'm currently living in Berlin. I would really like to collaborate with you if you are also living in Germany. Looking forward to your reply! Stay awesome!
  4. Crazy Winny

    Comedy I need someone who's in GERMANY

    Hey there, As many of you people are in USA or Canada or other countries where they speak English, I was wondering if there's someone who's living in Germany? I am in Berlin. I would be so glad if you responded back if you are here in Germany. Looking forward to collaborating with you!
  5. darkstarmedia

    Emma Goes To Berlin!

    Hello, my lovelies! I was lucky enough to visit Germany last month with Dad - and I put together a pseudo-pretentious arty-farty video in honour of the occasion. Enjoy, my posh toffs!
  6. T

    Meet Up/Gathering Somebody in Berlin for the League Worlds Finals?

    Hello fellow players! This year's final match is coming and among a few lucky bastards, I also have a ticket for the Finals in Berlin! As a little not-even-YouTuber-but-I-like-to-vlog guy, I'd like to make video/s there. It would be really fun, if I could meet with some of you. Maybe before the...