1. Novainfusion

    Pantheon top makes Fizzsticks

    Hi all, Yesterday i played pantheon top vs a Fizz and i totally destroyed him in the lane. It was an easy ranked game and my team steamrolled the enemy. Hope you guys enjoy it. Like, Subscribe, Comment. Thanks for watching have a nice day.
  2. Novainfusion

    Ranked league of Legends game (platinum 1 i got rekt )

    Hi everyone. Its been awhile since i last uploaded a ranked league of legends game. So i thought i would play a game ranked top with singed for you guys. Hope you all enjoy it. Like, Subscribe or Comment. Thanks for watching have a nice day.
  3. T

    Gaming Tekkit/Modpacks looking for partner

    Hey guys my name is Taint and i'm looking for someone to play Minecraft with i would like to play one of the Technic launchers modpacks and i have my own server. I'm looking for a fun person my age "19" (Must be 16 or Above) that want's to play videos games with me I'm from Europe however i...
  4. T

    Meet Up/Gathering Somebody in Berlin for the League Worlds Finals?

    Hello fellow players! This year's final match is coming and among a few lucky bastards, I also have a ticket for the Finals in Berlin! As a little not-even-YouTuber-but-I-like-to-vlog guy, I'd like to make video/s there. It would be really fun, if I could meet with some of you. Maybe before the...