1. Novainfusion

    Pantheon top makes Fizzsticks

    Hi all, Yesterday i played pantheon top vs a Fizz and i totally destroyed him in the lane. It was an easy ranked game and my team steamrolled the enemy. Hope you guys enjoy it. Like, Subscribe, Comment. Thanks for watching have a nice day.
  2. Novainfusion

    Ranked league of Legends game (platinum 1 i got rekt )

    Hi everyone. Its been awhile since i last uploaded a ranked league of legends game. So i thought i would play a game ranked top with singed for you guys. Hope you all enjoy it. Like, Subscribe or Comment. Thanks for watching have a nice day.
  3. CDOD

    Rocket league (quick montage)

    Yo whats going on guys. Back again trying a new game and turns out i had fun. Please tell me if you liked my vid!! Thanks, CDOD
  4. Tuurngait Gaming

    FULL AD/CRIT GAREN (League of Legends)

    Hey Tuurngait here! I recently just spent 4 hours editing this video here. Check it out would ya? ;) Thanks guys!
  5. OneofaKind EXP

    Gaming League of Legends Anyone?

    Just be chill and funny; and I will make a video of our games together, and link your channel in the description Can email me at oneofakindexp@gmail.com
  6. Xanderin

    New League Of Legends Video

    hey i'm new to youtube and would like to share one of my better games as talon if you would like to check out my video and leave some advice that would be amazing and if you enjoyed the video hit that sub button but only if you enjoyed it thank you =)
  7. S

    oh my I did terrible didn't I? | ROCKET LEAGUE

    So yeah I made another Rocket League video, and I did very poorly in this one. Check it out and tell me what you think.! bump
  8. Therealkojr

    Gaming Gaming Collab (PC or Console)

    Hi, I'm kojr and i have about 30 subscribers. I have a pretty decent mic and webcam and mainly record using either Bandicam or my Elgato. The only requirement i ask is that you have a decent mic. Hit me up with either a reply on here or my skype. The Skype is Bryce LeCroy with the profile...
  9. Foxbarr

    Road to Platinum Rocket League series on my channel!

    Hey guys! Me and the co-owner of our channel ScottishGamersHD have started a new series on Rocket League and I'd like your views on our videos, thanks! We swear in our videos too so if you're more of a PG kinda person then I'd stay away haha
  10. T

    Meet Up/Gathering Somebody in Berlin for the League Worlds Finals?

    Hello fellow players! This year's final match is coming and among a few lucky bastards, I also have a ticket for the Finals in Berlin! As a little not-even-YouTuber-but-I-like-to-vlog guy, I'd like to make video/s there. It would be really fun, if I could meet with some of you. Maybe before the...