1. Christopher Gainz

    Other Hey anyone want to collaborate

    Hello I am a small youtuber with no particular niche but would love to collaborate with someone or a few people once everything goes back to normal. Anyone game ? My latest video below:
  2. F

    Vlog UK SUMMER MEETUP 2020

    Hey guys i was thinking... Would anyone be interested in doing like a big youtuber / youtuber fans meetup in England in the summer ( was thinking probably july or August in London ( easiest to get to with coaches/trains etc) I was thinking we could all meetup up/do a vlog and stuff and make...
  3. YoutubeJayson

    Meet Up/Gathering Oregon and California creators! Lets collab!

    Hi Are you in CA or OR and want to do a real life collaboration with us?? I am taking a band on tour next month and we want to make a visit with creators in each town to make content for your youtube channel. In one city we will be meeting with a yoga studio and recording the band taking some...
  4. Kyle Janulis

    Meet Up/Gathering Michigan YouTubers! Where you at?

    Looking to collab and meet up with YouTubers in Michigan! Who from here is in MI?
  5. Lincoln Riddle

    Vlog Any vloggers in Pennsylvania?

    What's up everyone! I was wondering if there were any vloggers in Pennsylvania who would like to collab. I live in the Central part of the state, but can realistically drive just about anywhere. I'm not a daily vlogger, as I don't really have the time (Working on it!), just vlog when I can. lol...
  6. Tampoko

    Meet Up/Gathering YouTubers in Virginia Beach - I'll buy the coffee

    Would love to meetup with other creators in the area to exchange ideas and encouragement. My channel is around 1200 subs and 240K downloads now, just enough that I'm starting to see that you can generate some consistent extra cash in addition to having a creative outlet. Get in touch if you are...
  7. TGP-ROB

    Meet Up/Gathering Kitwe/Ndola area - Zambia

    Was wondering if any Zambian YouTubers exist in the area im currently in. My channel is a group of lads that do gaming but 2 of us have so far shared a few vlogs which have also been quite successful to the channel in our eyes. Just looking for a collab/gatho to see if we have anything in...
  8. S

    Vlog Looking for London collabs

    Hi guys, I'm new here :D I'm looking for people to collab in London area. I'm a vlogger and musician but I do all kind of videos. If you interested in collabs, just drop a comment below :D All the best !
  9. Luke's Life!

    Vlog Looking for Essex/Suffolk/London Based YouTubers for collabs.

    Hey everyone, I'm a new YouTuber who's been dreaming of doing YouTube for years and finally decided to live my dream. I'm looking to find like-minded YouTubers who want to make some amazing content together (whether that be vlogs, challenge videos etc.) but also to make some great youtube...
  10. sparkthedarkness

    Gaming Is anyone going to metrocon in tampa tomorrow?

    I'll be going all four days of the con and hope to see all of you there (or any at all)
  11. Jeffrey Saldana


    Just looking to see if there are any vloggers out there to meet up with and potentially collab with in the future? :)
  12. Christian B Productions

    Meet Up/Gathering VIDCON: Hangout or Collab With Me.

    Ayo, so as you may know vidcon is coming up in 2 days. If you want to hangout with me or collab with me just hit me up on here. Or on Twitter&Instagram. Twitter: @cbowers08 Instagram: @itsmechrisyt Just FYI: Im a youtuber with 12,000 subscribers and I do DIYS and COMEDY videos. I will be...
  13. U

    Vlog Vlogger based in Gloucester England, Willing to travel

    I am looking for other vloggers to do some collaborations about various things e.g school. I am based in Gloucester, England but I am willing to travel short distances to vlog. I only have a small following at the moment as I have just started.
  14. rdavey14

    Meet Up/Gathering -------------------------delete

  15. Huckleberry

    Meet Up/Gathering Phoenix Metro Area

    Hey any meet ups in Phoenix Metro? I'm from Scottsdale and would love to connect!
  16. gerard loughran

    Meet Up/Gathering NORTERN IRELAND?

    I don't know to many people who do YouTube from northern Ireland was curious to see if there is anyone on here!
  17. TheBeardedJ

    Meet Up/Gathering London meet up?

    Any Londoner YouTuber want to meet up and do a video together? I was thinking football but anything really for tomorrow, Saturday? Sorry for the short notice, please let me know.
  18. Emma Rego

    Meet Up/Gathering Meet up anyone?!

    would love to meet some new YOUTUBERS!!!! Anyone want to arrange a meet up in London or go for coffee?
  19. Tuskan

    Gaming Collab and Meetup | Discord Chat

    I've been trying to advertise a discord chat for the fans and the youtubers in this group if you want to join or know someone else who wants to join ask me or look at my description in my higher or lower video if you have any questions post below and i'll answer them! :)
  20. MickMake

    Comedy Meetup in Sydney Australia area. Looking for actors.

    Hi everyone, In my channel I usually run a short gag at the start of my videos. I'm looking to run a gag that I can split up over several videos, (maybe 4). Each one running for no more than 45 seconds. So, looking for actors in Sydney Australia. The gag is set in a war zone. So smoke, fake...
  21. TheBeardedJ

    Meet Up/Gathering Meet up in Leicester or anywhere in UK

    Any Leicester based YouTuber or anywhere in the UK where we can get together and make a sketch as well future videos together. Check my YouTube channel 'TheBeardedJ'
  22. totallyAud

    Meet Up/Gathering POKEMON GO ADVENTURE! (SoCal)

    Hey everyone! I live in SoCal and was wondering if we could get a group and find to pokemans! Pokemon Go just came out today and I really want to do a fun group and record it for youtube on an awesome pokemon adventure! Who is with me?! :D
  23. M

    Meet Up/Gathering London Youtube Meetup/Collaborations

    Hey guys! I am Monz, I am an aspiring Youtuber, aged 16. I am trying to get hold of other Youtubers in London that I can collaborate with. I am a singer/rapper and also a gamer. I love to do challenges and try new things, I would describe myself as funny, bubbly and extremely open-minded...
  24. Sixshades

    Meet Up/Gathering LONDON MEET UP/COLLAB :)

    Hey guys! We are six guys located in London and have recently started youtube and we're looking for people to collab we! We do all types of videos, ranging from football/wrestling videos to pranks and public videos, we also do film and music reviews so if anybody's interested just hit us up...
  25. RizzleyVlogs

    Vlog Vloggers in West Midlands, UK up for collab?

    Hey guys, are there any vloggers on here from Birmingham or surrounding towns? We'd love to collaborate/meet up or do a video with someone. Hit us up!
  26. VoidTranceYT

    Gaming Looking for Gaming Collaborations!

    Hey Guys I am looking for some people to collaborate with. I aim to do collaboration on Black Ops 3 on PS4. I can record facecam, gameplay everything at 1080p 60fps so if you are looking for someone to collab with be sure to HMU on twitter @VoidTranceHD or via a Forum post or on my YT Channel...
  27. FanoBelmont

    Gaming CoD: Black Ops III Weekend

    Hey guys! I am going to be binging on Black Ops III this weekend. My plan is to do some twitch streaming multiplayer and then edit that for a "best of" video for the first weekend of the game. Let me know if you wanna play together, I'd love to hang out and play with some youtubers that want to...
  28. T

    Meet Up/Gathering Somebody in Berlin for the League Worlds Finals?

    Hello fellow players! This year's final match is coming and among a few lucky bastards, I also have a ticket for the Finals in Berlin! As a little not-even-YouTuber-but-I-like-to-vlog guy, I'd like to make video/s there. It would be really fun, if I could meet with some of you. Maybe before the...
  29. Yangy Productions

    Gaming Skype Group for YouTubers to meet!

    This is an already established group with over 40 members where YouTubers can meet and collaborate with eachother! I founded this a while ago and we're constantly looking for more people! No requirements, you can also add whoever you like! Feel free to reply to this thread with any questions...
  30. NWBroadcasting

    Meet Up/Gathering Looking to network in Tampa/ St. Petersburg, FL

    Any YouTubers around the Tampa Bay area? Would love to hold a meetup and network!