Royalty Free Music Sites

Wow. thanks for that list. Very helpful. I usually use Just give him a credit in your credits or description and most of the work there is free for anyone's use in whatever project they like. I only recently discovered YouTube's own library as well. Good times. I also read somewhere that the BBC have made a huge archive of sound effects readily available, but I haven't done much research into that.
I will compose custom music for your video projects such as Films, Documentaries, Commercials, Youtube Videos, etc. I will provide you with fully mixed and mastered HD quality audio files for commercial use.



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I can't thank you enough for this! I really need royalty free music, and I can never find anything good! If you see this, is it worth getting a subscription to one of these companies so you can use different types of music?
Awesome list! Newbie here. I wanted to add to this list. The site offers a lifetime plan, which are great for people who create a lot of videos on their channels. Licenses are really good for growth, too.