Royalty Free Music Sites


Voice actor and Film-maker here to help :-D
So if you want music you can use while also being able to monetise your content?

Here's a list I've gathered over time to use in these types of videos :-D
Make sure to check the details on the website just in case as some do carry fees and Terms and conditions :)

Stock music for free (do have to sign up though):

Blooming excellent free to use music, plus they provide with written approval to use all music on youtube by just filling in a 3 line form (just to avoid those peasky youtube copyright claims):

EPIC Royalty Free music:

Don't forget partners in rhyme! They have free sound effects and music on their website:

Another royalty free music:

Some free, some not, all all able to use:

Free and creative commons music:

Creative commons music (typically rock music with instrumentals of each song):

Can't miss Youtube's very own audio library. Some really good stuff on here. Especially some of those orchestrated classics like Midsummer's Night Dream (wedding song):

Newgrounds, some you can use, but if unsure, check the description or mail the owner:

Also, added by @Glup:

There are certain tracks that are under creative commons. If you are unsure, contact the artist:

Free Music Archive, filled to the brim with stuff. Just check the licence when looking at music :-D You can even edit your search for ones specifically with the creative commons commercial licence :) :

Bit Pricey, but free if you are with RPM:

Most are under creative commons, but check the licence on the track as some are non-commercial:

Creative commons remix community (some are non-commerical):

Creative Commons music:


more creative commons music:

Lots of sound effects and music here for use, but check their description first to see if you can use commercially:

Dano songs. Bit awkward looking for songs, but all free to use for monetisation with attribution:

Music that can be used commercially and non-commercially:

More Free to use music:

Royalty Music (pay once, can use on monetisation for anything you want within the terms of service):

Different types of media that have fallen under either creative copyright or are copyright free:

Soundcloud users royalty free music (added by @Aaaryon)

Great Royalty free music for Youtubers. Especially if you want dubstep or electronica:

Youtube Channels with Royatly free music:

NCS Release (suggested by @DutchMash ):

If you have the money though, you can always licence music. The cheaper licences usually appear on sites like Bandcamp and Free Music Archive, or you can get written approval from an artist you like. Don't be expecting JayZ to mail you back though, he will probably be expecting a Huuuuuuge sum of cash.

Also, for those on Mac you have plenty of Garageband music and loops that you can use! And you can customise it to fit your video by dragging your finished video without music into garageband and drag and drop the loops!

Or if you are really talented, you can use programs like "Fruity Loops" and "Apple Logic Pro" to compose music for yourself :)
Here's an introduction to fruity loops done by the one and only OneyNG:

If you have anymore you can share, please say! Always more welcome on the list :-D

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I would also add It is a bit pricey to buy the rights to songs (unless you are with a network that gives it to you for free like RPM), but the library is huge! It has everything you could ever need. Great list btw!
Awesome list and a nice variety! Thanks for taking the time to compile this, will definitely be helpful in the future.
Welcome! If you have any sites you know off that would be good to add to the list, please say and I'll add it straight away :)