sound design

  1. ProfKranc

    Royalty Free Music Sites

    So if you want music you can use while also being able to monetise your content? Here's a list I've gathered over time to use in these types of videos :-D Make sure to check the details on the website just in case as some do carry fees and Terms and conditions :) LIST BEGINS...
  2. Lonely Pyramid

    Request Short film score/sound design

    Lonely Pyramid Films is a U.K East Midlands based film production company and we're currently on the way to producing our first short film "YELLOW". We are looking for talented musicians, score producers and sound designers willing to work with us. You do not have to be U.K. based but if you...
  3. Nedwin04

    Services Music for your videos

    Hey Everyone, I do sound design and write original music in different styles and genres for all types of visual media. So if you guys need any music or audio just hit me up either on here or by email at: My experience includes a music degree, a composition masters, and...
  4. Astinax

    Any amateur (or pro) sound engineers have tips for audio processing?

    Hey guys! I've been really looking into audio processing recently, and I've tried many different audio processing settings and I'm still not quite happy with the result. So I turned to google to look for some EQ & compression guidelines but much of them were for male voices and also, I kind of...
  5. Noody Creations

    Short Film Looking for Sound Designer for Animated Short [Paid]

    Hi, My animation team is looking for a Sound Designer to help with a rough cut for an animated web series pilot. Not a requirement but some animation knowledge would be helpful as you will be working with some incomplete/playblast shots. The pilot will be used as part of a funding proposal...