Royalty Free Music Sites

thanks for the list, this is much needed, with this Youtube wont stop you from monetizing right?
There is no promise that Youtube will take you down. I know a mate of mine that used Kevin Macleod's music (which as we all know is copyright free) and his vid got taken down. Youtube is just mad nowadays with this stuff.

If you use these, yes you should be able to put on without Youtube taking it down. These websites allow you either to use it under creative commons or with a single royalty fee if you want to use it commercially/ monetise it (plenty on the list that don't even charge).
Make sure you read any terms of service for the tracks you are using from this list just to make sure before you post a video with that music in it, just to make sure you aren't breaking anyone's copyright. If you do that, the only danger will be copyright trolls :)