Hi everyone,

I'll be honest I don't actually have a large amount of subscribers like big YouTubers (PewDiePie). However, I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I know what I like and what I don't in many of the small channels, such as banners, avatars, content, etc.

So below just post your channel and I'll take a look at it and let you know what I think of your channel and what you can improve on.
Hello gamer! It's nice that someone stops and gives feedback on other people's work. Can you check my channel when you have time? Thanks a lot for your work!
Hi there! Here's my channel: check it out and let me know your thoughts. I'm super-grateful to have this entire community to trade ideas with and learn from. :)
Hi Winger94,
Firstly, I'll start with the positive things about your channel :
  • You seem very funny.
  • You seem to put time and effort into your work.
  • I liked the channel trailer.
  • Good amount of text in the description and good amount of tags
What I didn't like and what needs to be improved :
  • Custom thumbnails needs work - You need to catch peoples eyes, which you don't. I recommend you search custom thumbnails and watch a couple Photoshop tutorials.
  • Video title needs improvement as well - Try different titles until you find the right one for you. Maybe you should try "Outlast : New Hard Mode Gameplay Walkthrough - Lights Out".
  • Game selection needs improvement as well - Problem with gameplay is that it's over saturated. For example, Outlast is almost 2 years old and since your channel is new, it's going to be hard competing with the millions of other gamers that have already uploaded Outlast in the last 2 years. I recommend you upload newly released games or indie games. Once you get about 50 subscribers I recommend you check out, keymailer (search it on google or YouTube). This will help you get newly or upcoming indie games so you can review it. Furthermore I recommend you search YouTube and see each games and see how saturated the game is before you play and upload it.
Conclusion :

The best advice I can give you is that you should try branching into trying indie games instead of old popular games. Moreover, advertise your channel in a lot more places like Facebook. At the end of the day your channel is pretty new so don't stress that much. All you need is just need one game/video that gets you 50,000 views and your channel will grow.

I hope this help you, If you need any further suggestions let me know.
Hi Beanie Boy,
Like I did with Winger94, I'll start with the positive things about your channel :
  • Good audio - It was good watching a video of deadbolt, it wasn't boring
  • Good job on getting free steam code for indie games.
Now let's start with what needs to be improved :
  • The banner and avatar needs to be improved - Although the avatar picture is fine, the light green background needs to be changed. I recommend you search Google for "custom YouTube banners", so you get a good idea.
  • Video title needs improvement as well - Let me give you an example, "Killin Zambie - Deadbolt Episode 1", just think how many people are really gonna search and type those exact words. A YouTube member with good amount subscribers put "Killin Zambies" and although he was on the first of the search list, he only managed to get 1,300 views in 3 years. So try putting different titles, until you find the right keywords that works.
  • Custom thumbnails needs work - Just like winger94, I recommend you search custom thumbnails and watch a couple Photoshop tutorials.
  • Video content needs improvement - In the last 6 hours you have uploaded 3 different games (Dungeon Soul, Squidsona, Don't Starve). However you have not completed the game, so if I actually want to watch the entire gameplay I will have to watch someone else.
  • Description and tags needs to be improved - You should have similar keywords in the description as you have in the the title. Try rewording and adding a couple keywords, such as barbarian, mayhem and indie game in the description. Moreover try adding a couple different tags such as underground game, Indie game, new indie game etc
Conclusion :

The best advice I can give you is that you should first work on designing better avatar, banner and custom thumbnails. After that, pick one indie game and complete it and then you can do another part whereby you can review the game and speak about what you liked about the game and what you didn't like about the game. Just like Winger94, your channel is fairly new so don't stress that much, just keep working and eventually the channel will grow.
Hello UGamer

I was wondering if you could have a look at my channel and provide constructive feedback on how I can improve on my channel, I have already made some improvements to the tags and layout of the channel but I don't think I have done enough optimisation to make the channel successful.

Hey man, we could always use some advice on what we need to improve on. I know there is a ton of things we have to work on already, but it never hurts to get a second opinion! We would really appreciate it! Lay it on us!
Hi Hyper Gaming,

Like I did with the people above you, I'll start with the positive things about your channel :
  • Channel design - Love the banner simple, if you looked at my banner you would see I like simple banner titles.
  • Thumbnails - Love the new custom thumbnails you have created.
  • Tags - Good tags, but try using a couple unsaturated keywords
  • Video content - I love the video content. What you think should be added in the next Titanfall and Halo 5 should get you more viewers and subscribers.
What I didn't like and what needs to be improved :
  • Audio - The audio was fine and I could hear you very clearly. However, while watching Doom 4 Team Death Match you seem like a robot just reading a script. In other words you don't seem excited about the game at all.
  • Title & description - The title and description needs just a little tweak. For example, "Let's Play Doom ......" you should have added Doom 4. For this reason if you go down the description YouTube has assumed this game is Doom (1993) game and not 2016 upcoming game. Moreover, you should have added "custom beta" in the title and the description, instead of just adding it on the thumbnail. Anyways everything else seemed good, you added links to your Google,Twitter,Facebook etc
  • Video content - The video content seems good and the consistency of the video seems okay (2 videos a week). However, you need to make sure you keep going at this pace. In the past I have seen that you haven't uploaded in over 5 months.
  • Avatar - The avatar looks good, just try and take out the white border and see what it looks like. I edited my avatar about 20 times before I got the right one for me.
Conclusion :

I liked the channel it's look good, just try and improve a little on the avatar, title, tags, description and the script. Moreover, if you are going to give your opinion about how a game can be improved or a review of a game maybe its not best using the thumbnails like "let's play" and instead adding custom thumbnails like "Review" (in different colors). Moreover, like the other people above you I think you should try playing a couple different games. You are not doing anything wrong but you are uploading games that thousands of other people are already uploading before you.

Anyways I hope this helps you.
Hi Nick and Sammy,

I'll start with the positive things about your channel :
  • Channel trailer - I loved it, it was actually funny "sammy had a dream about a baby". You two actually seem funny and comical.
What I didn't like and what needs to be improved :
  • Channel design - The avatar and banner needs improvement.
  • Video thumbnails - The video thumbnails needs to be custom, so you can catch peoples eyes. Search a couple custom thumbnails tutorials on YouTube.
  • Video content - The content is good however you need to work on a schedule of uploading the videos. You should try uploading maybe once a week.
  • Title, description and tags - The title, tags and description needs a lot more improvement. Add keywords like funny, comical, why, how, etc words like this not only in the title but also in the description and tags. Moreover, you don't really need to reword FreshBrowie in 10 different ways for the tags.
Conclusion :
In conclusion, I recommend you remove the entire video on your channel (obviously keeping the video on your computer) work on a better video thumbnail and once you have created a nice thumbnail upload one video (of the old video) and upload it. This way you have enough time creating and uploading videos once a week or even twice a week.

Hope this helps you.
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