Commentary N O T - A N O T H E R - P O D C A S T


alot of people tend to want to make a podcast, if anything everyone on the Commentary forum does, but I'm really just looking for any commentary channel who is able to meet these 3 requirements
1-Being Able to put up with my extremely overrated existance and jokes
2-Able to actually commit to something (say we decided to make a show/podcast and agree to make an episode every 2 weeks or so, I would appreciate you sticking to that promise)
3-have a decent 50+ subs and make q u a i tt y c o n n et t*
We're not necessarily making a podcast, but basically we, for example, talk about a subject for 20 minutes and then cut them into 3-5 minutes and/or make scripted skits/videos for the show aswell its just gonna like that, just a bunch of weebs sharing opinions and talking about topics like: bush did 9/11 or that keemstar's biological parents are gnomes or how your mom got devistated by me. (we're really just gonna talk about trendy topics and make fun of them)
I'll have a discord server to talk about this and basically do the show on, having this server much better than comments and replies (spaced out, mods pls dont kill me cus I know ya'll dont like links)
https : // discord . gg / TgB4g9T
*by q u a l i t y c o n t e n t I mean you being able to open up an editing program (windows movie maker doesn't count) and knowing what to do with it (also photoshop)
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