1. C

    Feature request: YouTube Shopping, Patreon-killer, Paypal-killer

    I have tried to push these feature requests over the past decade on the YouTube forum/blog but it seems YouTube is either lazy or somehow my ideas are stupid? I hope somehow there is a way to convince YouTube to implement these ideas soon, do you have contacts to YouTube product managers so they...
  2. Z

    How to disable particular user/interpret from autoplay?

    Let's made example: I hit play one music video with Autoplay feature turned on. Then I just do something else and let play music on background. But from usual list of videos, I am getting somehow automatically, there is some particular video/interpret, what I don't like. So my question is: Do I...
  3. En_crypted

    Commentary N O T - A N O T H E R - P O D C A S T

    alot of people tend to want to make a podcast, if anything everyone on the Commentary forum does, but I'm really just looking for any commentary channel who is able to meet these 3 requirements ----- 1-Being Able to put up with my extremely overrated existance and jokes ---- 2-Able to actually...
  4. O

    Anyone know when every YouTuber will get the Community Feature?

    I feel this would help out lots of Small YouTubers market their videos and multiple channels.
  5. O

    New YouTube feature called: "Creator on the Rise"

    Anyone aware that YouTube now has a new feature called "On The Rise" that features up and coming YouTubers? A bit confused if this is just musicians because the YouTube Blog Post says Musicians but then below it says anyone with 1,000 subscribers gets to be featured.
  6. Livid

    Music Singer Needed

    I need a Male or Female Singer to sing a 3 Min song and Record themselves singing it for a Music Video. (The Music video is not just going to be the person singing) I'll put your channel In My Featured section of my channel, I'll put you in the credits, and I'll put your URL In the description...
  7. KozeOfficial

    Music Hey! I'm a rapper, looking for other rappers and singers

    I'd like to get more features going, I've focused on singles for a while and want to expand and work with artists I haven't yet. hit me up, let's connect, let's work, let's talk. Check out my channel if you'd like, and if you like what you hear, let's do it!
  8. MisterJDiggidy


    There is a private message feature on YouTube, and I was wondering, do a lot of people use/even know about this? I've sent messages before on this, and have never really got an answer or anything. If you don't know where or what it is, go to youtube.com/messages
  9. DiSparrowFilms

    One thing you could have from YouTube?

    Hi! I am working on a new video and just want to ask. what's the #1 thing you'd want from YouTube (by that I mean from YouTube not youtubers) eg, some new option (what?), old feature (what?) exc... Hmmm?
  10. Ghostnova

    Has anyone experimented with YouTube Promotions?

    So I've dabbled with the promotion feature directly from YouTube a little and I gained some views but not really many subs. One video I featured got up to 6k views but 1 or 2 Subs, this cost me around 100 bucks to run this campaign. I'm wondering has anyone found success using this feature? If...
  11. Jbarker91

    Vlog We Feature Other Channels

    I think this is the best place to post this thread. My wife and I are offering to feature other vlogger channels on our blog (LiftLaughLove.org) We're not asking for anything in return, we are simply wanting to give back to the community. We also do this so we can check out each channel that's...
  12. Ironslot

    Request Need a clean banner free i will feature you

    i need a banner if anyone can make me that is free and you will be featured on my channel
  13. batslyfe

    Music We Will Feature & Promote Your Music! [We Are Non-Profit, 100+ Viewers] Official Website

    Hello, my name is Matt. I would love to feature all of your music. Our channel is based on Trap, Chill, Rap, and genres similar to that. Sometimes though, we would add exceptions if we really like the song. We will also never monetize our videos, so we would never make profit off content that is...
  14. Zoë Fleur

    Beauty/Makeup Feature Each Others Channels?

    I mostly post lifestyle and humour videos so I'm not sure if this is the right place to post. If you want to do a small feature of each other's channel, maybe on our end screens or something, feel free to email me at zoefleuryt@gmail.com Requirements: Preferably have 500+ subscribers Videos of...
  15. Crystal_Joy

    Top Fan Feature?

    I've been hearing about the Top Fans feature for awhile and how useful it is but that you can only use it once you get 1k subs. I just hit 1k today (yay!) and I went to check and I can't seem to find it. Did YouTube get rid of that feature?
  16. K

    Other Are You Talented?

    Hey Guys, :redface: I am looking for people who have a talent in something artistic, whether it be photgraphy, art, dance, singing, baking, crafts, parkour, skateboarding etc. I have a youtube channel and my latest project is to make a series promoting talented creative people. Are you...