New YouTube feature called: "Creator on the Rise"


I Love YTtalk
Anyone aware that YouTube now has a new feature called "On The Rise" that features up and coming YouTubers? A bit confused if this is just musicians because the YouTube Blog Post says Musicians but then below it says anyone with 1,000 subscribers gets to be featured.
bummer, looks like it is just musicians or artists at lease. The thing under the trending section says "Artist on the rise" and the person featured has a Vevo Channel. That doesn't add up with needing 1,000 subscribers from the youtube blog post
I saw it with one channel yesterday. It had like 20,000 subscribers or whatnot. Not a music channel. Don't think it did much for growth but hopefully YouTube will do this more.
From what I read it's 4 channels at a time. 2 music and 2 content creators. Whatever that means. It does not appear to be specifically music.