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  1. T

    Meet Up/Gathering Looking for podcast co-host

    Email me if you want to be on the podcast: the_mask321@yahoo.com. Remember you need to be 18 or older. Please be honest because I am serious about starting this podcast.
  2. En_crypted

    Commentary N O T - A N O T H E R - P O D C A S T

    alot of people tend to want to make a podcast, if anything everyone on the Commentary forum does, but I'm really just looking for any commentary channel who is able to meet these 3 requirements ----- 1-Being Able to put up with my extremely overrated existance and jokes ---- 2-Able to actually...
  3. Near

    Commentary Looking For Podcast Members

    I've been contradicting whether or not to take part or start a podcast. I don't see any harm in starting one so I am creating one. The only requirements is that you're atleast 14 years old, and somewhat of a mature/deep voice. (sorry squeakers). this podcast will be like any other podcast. We...