Gaming Looking for Counter-Strike, Borderlands and Cards Against Humanity Collabs

I'm looking for a collaborator around the age of 15 to collaborate in a youtube video with me!
I'm willing to play Counter-Strike, Borderlands, Garry's Mod, TF2 and Cards Against Humanity as collaboration!
you will have to add me on steam (i'm not giving my skype publicly, it's asking for a ddos)
Here's my steam link: /id/devilwalkcs/

You also have to have a good michrophone, more than 10 active subscriber and speak English.
Just comment below your a/s/l and some more information ^.^
Ur link doesn't work.

Also, are u in Australia or the uk? Cause I'd be happy to work with u if so. However I only have 7 active subs