1. rfletch11

    Gaming Borderlands/Borderlands 2

    What up everyone, Just putting it out there to see if anyone wants to do a Borderlands or Borderlands 2 collab?
  2. PsySpy Gaming

    Gaming Tiny Gaming Channel Looking to Collab

    I'd love to do a Tabletop Sim series, but it's hard to find a group willing to be recorded that won't troll the heck out of you. I'm just looking for someone that I can have fun with and due to my tendency to use adult subjects and crude adjectives, I think it's required that I have someone that...
  3. D

    Gaming Looking for Counter-Strike, Borderlands and Cards Against Humanity Collabs

    Hi! I'm looking for a collaborator around the age of 15 to collaborate in a youtube video with me! I'm willing to play Counter-Strike, Borderlands, Garry's Mod, TF2 and Cards Against Humanity as collaboration! you will have to add me on steam (i'm not giving my skype publicly, it's asking for a...
  4. chriskioonegamergang

    Gaming Destiny Collab on Xbox 360 and Left 4 Dead Campaign Collab

    Looking to find someone to collab with and play these games on the XBOX 360