cards against humanity

  1. Kittory

    Gaming Minecraft (PC) Modded Survival Series/ Hopefully New Friends

    Hello! My name is Tori, and I'm looking for a few collab partners and possible friends! Age group is probably from 14-17. I made a modded Minecraft server recently, and I have nobody to play with on it. (It's basically werewolves and vampires) I'm also looking for somebody who wouldn't mind...
  2. Z

    Gaming Cards Against Humanity partners

    Looking for anyone who wants to have some fun on Cards Against Humanity. Please be over 18 as the game is HIGHLY OFFENSIVE. Please have Clean mic Skype as well If you're interested please reply to my email at
  3. Doodel

    Gaming Looking for people to collab with

    Hey We are already a group of 3, but we would like some more people though since that would make the videos a lot funnier. Games: GTA 5 (PS4) Rocket League (PS4) FIFA (PS4) Cards Against Humanity (PC) Pinturillo (PC) Golf With Friends (PC) And other games as well. Must be 15+, have a decent mic...
  4. Z

    Gaming Cards Against Humanity Collab Group (3-4 people)

    hey everyone im looking for a group of 3-4 people to play cards against humanity and make videos from it. must mave a good sense of humour and be around 14-17 years old (i'm 15 myself). If you're interested contact me on skype: swaginton_bear or on discord: ZombieTubeStreams i have around 200...
  5. PhoenixAnimus

    We're bad people | Cards Against Humanity w/ Friends

    This has mature language and themes in it. Which people love so I hope you enjoy people screwing around because that's literally all we did in our horrible attempts at comedy!
  6. NuNu91011

    Gaming Looking for people to play with

    Me and my friend are looking to play games with people.(Also possible collab on youtube) We really want to play with people who have Dead by Daylight Golf With Your Friends Gmod Minecraft Cards against humanity Town of Salem And whatever games you suggest (if we have of course) You can reach...
  7. S

    Gaming Collab multiple games, PC only, occasionally stream

    Hey guys. I want to do collaborative vids with a group of 3 - 5. Games: Rainbow 6 Siege PayDay 2 Cs:Go Cards against humanity Garry's Mod (sandbox, ttt, murderer, hide'n'seek, prop hunt, horror maps) CoD: WaW zombies (custom maps) CoD: BO II zombies Block and Load (not so much) REQUIREMENTS...
  8. Doodel

    Gaming Looking For Collab

    Hey. So me and my friend are looking for someone to collab with. We will play games like GTA, Rocket League, COD BO3, Cards against humanity, FIFA 16. The only requirements is A decent mic (blue snowball or something like that) A HD capture card PS4 minimum 5 videos on your channel. Minimum 10...
  9. D

    Gaming Looking for Counter-Strike, Borderlands and Cards Against Humanity Collabs

    Hi! I'm looking for a collaborator around the age of 15 to collaborate in a youtube video with me! I'm willing to play Counter-Strike, Borderlands, Garry's Mod, TF2 and Cards Against Humanity as collaboration! you will have to add me on steam (i'm not giving my skype publicly, it's asking for a...
  10. Athreos

    Gaming Apples Against Humanity, anyone else want to play?

    Hey everyone, Athreos here I just finished uploading the first part of Apples Against Humanity with my best mate LGHarbinger. It was so funny yet offensive at the same time. DO NOT WATCH IF EASILY OFFENDED. Anyway I was wondering if anyone else would like to play this sometime in a collaboration?
  11. WillDP

    Cards Against Humanity ep. 2 | Mario's family

    In this video, I play cards against humanity with my friends and there are some really funny moments while we were playing. Some of the cards picked were hilarious and it made the video so much better. Thank you so much for clicking on this thread, I hope you enjoy the video. Here is the video:
  12. WillDP

    Cards Against Humanity ep. 1

    Hey guys, this is a video of me and my friends playing cards against humanity online. Some of the cards we get are very funny which makes for a very funny video. The servers also fail in the video which also creates hilarious reactions. Check out the video here:
  13. Heat Skeekers

    Gaming Looking For Collabs

    Hey I'm HeatSkeekers a new and very small channel. I only have 13 subs and as far as I know all of them are my friends. I'm looking for help in growing my channel and people to collaborate with. My channel is a gaming channel, so far only Cards Against Humanity online, I would like to extend...