JOLA Channel Teaser video! Could use some opinions :)



This is our upcoming channels teaser video that i created. A lot of coffee and time went to do this, even tho its only 29 sec!

What i would like to know:

  • Is the video good looking?
  • How is the audio?
  • Tips and tricks?
  • Would you go to see it?

Thank you before hand and i hope to hear from you guys soon :)

Video is here!
Okay here are my thoughts on this!

I don't know anything about the technical stuff so the me that look really cool!

Video: Really cool, well edited, short and on point (I like that) and also funny :) I got the feeling what your channel is about :D

Audio: well I'm on my phone, but from here it seemed good!

And yes I would like to see it! :D good job man, definitely checking out your channel! :) I hope it's as cool as that trailer :)

Eaglewolf Magic
Thank you very much for responding :D Yeah i though that "teaser" when i was at work and just went for it and it turned out pretty good:) Yeah our videos are gonna be weird and funny :D