1. Ernie Jo

    Critique my web series trailer :)

    Hey guys! So I'm currently working on Season 2 of a web series I'm doing, and I just released a Teaser Trailer for it. We named the series Grilling a Murderer off of Making a Murderer from Netflix (we started it last year when that had just come out), and we also follow the Netflix format as...
  2. BigBryanGames

    Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour Teaser Ending /// What's Behind the Door?!

    I decided to do a Let's Play of the Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour Teaser demo. Chances are a lot of people didn't see everything the demo had to offer before getting the "True" ending. Including missing out on a secret item and some riddles. :)
  3. D

    The Batman (Bear Movie) Teaser

    What do you guys think?
  4. AM2PM

    Reiview our latest video - Why is it performing so poorly?

    This is the latest Twin Versus Twin. We released it Monday night and hoped the start of the NFL season might help but it's performance has been miserable. Haven't even broken 100 views. I added a teaser clip at the beginning that we hadn't done before and tried to make the sound and lighting...
  5. JOLAtheCOLA

    JOLA Channel Teaser video! Could use some opinions :)

    SIMPLE REVIEW OF THE TEASER This is our upcoming channels teaser video that i created. A lot of coffee and time went to do this, even tho its only 29 sec! What i would like to know: Is the video good looking? How is the audio? Tips and tricks? Would you go to see it? Thank you...