I Need Your Help With Insight With Gaming Youtube Videos Today And How To Keep The Viewers coming


Hey everyone my name is Kenz0 and ive been doing YouTube for years posting here and there but never on a Consistent upload schedule until now

ive deleted all my videos many times to follow the branding a want to go with so all my videos match the same kind of theme/branding and no mix matching. im just having the issue of keep consistent viewers or even getting more then 5 views and yes i know YouTube is very complex and its harder today to get the recognition you believe you deserve and that you should never upload to only make money.

i have 2 channels one with 1.09K and one with 18 subscribers now both channels even with the huge sub count difference is getting around the same views sometimes even less on the 1.09K sub channel.

How would you build that view count back up what are you looking for in gaming videos to grain that consistent view count and what makes you keep coming back for more content.

i know video quality and content quality are going to be big factors in growing but im looking for insight with the potential viewers and what i can do better to help grow my viewers and help grow my branding.

Insight on my channels

i do fortnite, halo, rocket league, minecraft and apex legends videos on my main channel (18subs) and now mixing it up and doing reaction, how to videos best of clips and challenge videos on my second channel (1.09K) now all this is very new and i have not started upload this type of videos on both of my accounts but i have had videos like this i plan on releasing these coming weeks and they have not gotten more then 10+ views some videos have broken the 100-500+ views i know trending items well help the videos grow but what if my videos dont include the trending items i dont want to tag spam and look desperate. my thumbnail are good looking, maybe my titles need work or just my videos are not up to standards now, before i started the branding i want to go with i still was struggling getting views but i had more videos breaking that 1k-10K mark on views. please give me some insight on what you ae looking for in gaming youtube today
i know that consistent uploading would help the channel grow faster but still would like the viewer insight and what makes you want to come back for more i.e (funny, god gameplay, casual playthroughs, relates to the viewer, tips and tricks)