How Long Does The Average Youtuber Take To Create Video?

On Average How long do you take to create a youtube video (Start to Finish)

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It takes me 10-15 hours. Most of the time is spent writing the script and accompanying source code. It usually takes me about 30 minutes to record, and then another 2 hours for editing.
Coming up with an idea usually takes me the longest. Sometimes I record footage and afterwards absolutely hate the idea. It's just a part of it I guess, I usually delete everything and start from scratch again.

Usually I try to game myself and not use someone else's footage. So that takes me about 1/2 hours to get the footage I need, than another 1/2 hours to edit out everything I don't need.

After everything I'm left with about 10/20 minutes of footage and I try to fine-tune it into a 10 minute or lower video. After that it's a process of about 1/3 hours of editing everything together and finding exactly the files I'm going to use(rendering and uploading included)

So all in all it takes me about 6 hours to make something I would be happy to upload.
I got the whole day making 3 videos a day in gaming.. When I'm uploading I render a video again.. Then edit the shoutouts I'll make in photoshop.. Then the next day all is ready once again and I can upload 3 videos once again! :)[DOUBLEPOST=1452426137,1452426086][/DOUBLEPOST]While my daughter is doing her video I'm still rendering or making the post videos she has! :)
Excellent responses everyone, lets keep on going and hopefully we can get a massive dataset. So far from all the feedback i've gathered thus far the following:

1. Differences on time occur for Vlog/Blog style videos vs. Gaming style videos
2. Software can help out a lot
3. For many the script itself seems to be a long time (Just writing out the ideas and working things out.)

So far based on the poll it seems that the majority are in the 1-5 hour range from start to finish, and from what I can tell the blog/vlog style ones are generally in the 10-15 hour range for the most part.

This data is really interesting, hopefully someone can take the data to build a service or something to speed up the process where we are experiencing bottlenecks.

I'm seeing that a lot of us are following a lot of the same procedures or many similar procedures. I'm sure as we get more information from everyone we can like DEFINE a proper YOUTUBER Step-by-step pdf or something (kinda like a general idea) of what most YouTubers do to create videos.

Something like that would have helped me out huge (and still would help me out) when starting out for sure!

When i used to do gaming, it toke me about 1- 1 hour 30 minutes to record due to mistakes in the video or un-fixable errors. And editing toke me about 1 hour 15 minutes using pieces i wanted and then taking out the bits i don't want. Rendering takes me about 20 minutes depends on the file size and the quality of the video whether it was 1080p or 720p.
We do gaming on our channel, so if we filmed about 30 minutes of gameplay, that would probably be 2-3 hours of editing, and the final product would be an 8-12 min video. Exciting stuff.
I am starting to realize that the video length doesnt really change the project time, except transcoding of course. I tend to REALLY edit and add effects to my short videos, and my long let's plays may have more commentary, annotations and in video texts, but less special effects etc. That being said I am becoming a editing addict and LOVE my software (LightWorks Pro). I have learned something new with it daily and hope that trend never stops as each video has something small added to it that I couldn't do the day before.
My latest video actually took well over 20+ hours this time. I've pretty much averaged about 1 Hour per final minute of output for my style of video creation.
It can vary - but I would put myseld in the 5-10hr bracket.
I want to try do a video a week, so I spend idle time during the week thinking about projects.

For my rants:
On monday I spend about 2hrs to write the script and grab pictures and videos that I may use in the show.
On tuesday I try to film the whole piece and then I do a run through cutting out all the obvious unusable film like changing pages pressing buttons ect... (I used to have to sync audio at this point but my new camera fixes that for me now)
On wednesday I edit it together add in music and titles + all the pic and clips to back me up. then process. Ill make the thumb nail now then upload overnight as I sleep.

For Vlogs:
I've only done 1 vlog on my channel after I lost audio for what I had intended to upload. This basically took me 20mis to film and edit - 30 mins to add some pictures and thumbnail - then upload.
It was the quickest video I've ever made.