How Long Does The Average Youtuber Take To Create Video?

On Average How long do you take to create a youtube video (Start to Finish)

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We've gotten it down to about 4 hours total, sometimes faster if we can record as few takes as possible.
30 min-1 hour for recording the video
1-2 hours for editing
30-40 minutes for thumbnail art, upload, metadata, cards and annotations

The best way to speed things up is to simplify. Ask yourself if more complexity and extra shots are really needed, that's what adds up to more shooting and editing time.

Another way to speed things up is to eliminate distractions and really focus. Don't open a web browser or have a television or music on while editing.
Setting up and recording, maybe 30-45 minutes depending on the video. Editing about 2-3 hours, again, depending on the video. Thumbnails, 5 minutes, the are quick and easy, since I just take a screenshot and add text (going to start doing better ones). All in all, 3-4 hours per video.

I like to record 2-4 videos in one sitting then edit though out the week. I have kids, so they can't constantly do videos, one shooting a week, I like to put the burden on me regarding the work load.
I do gaming videos mostly which are about 20-40 mins of video to edit down, then slap on graphics, intros, outros, overlays, and that comes up to about 30 mins of editing and then about an hour to hour and half to render. So about 2-3 hours total per video from start to finish.
I'm trying again now with Adobe Premiere, so starting things up so far:

1 Hour (Script Writing, planning out the actual video ideas and what I'll be saying)
0.5 Hour (Setup time - Setting up the camera, Preparing the software to record, preparing my iRig Mic and starting recording)
1.5 Hour (Actual Video Recording)
8 Hours (Editing in Adobe Premiere)
2.75 Hours (Exporting and Marketing on Social Media)

TOTAL: Approx. 14 Hours

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I am average YOUTUBE and I used to take more than 15 hours for my VLOG channel. Now I take only 4 hours for editing my gaming videos. So I think it should be more than 15 hours approximately.
I would say honestly the process for me is hard to enumerate because a large part is often the creative process that happens while I'm doing other things. While I'm eating or taking a shower or going through my day I'll go through several potential ideas in my head, then think what I could cover for the idea, is it searchable, if so what would people search to find it, how/why would my video be more valuable to them than the other search results, what exactly will I say etc. For some ideas this part of the process takes just 20-30 minutes, other times I'll be thinking about the best way to convey an idea for an entire day or two.

Then once my idea is ready I sit down with my camera, and start recording. I personally prefer making my videos without a script, and just remembering to say a few key searchable phrases so that when I caption the video later it'll be highly searchable - the videos tend to be planned out but I convey the ideas as if I'm talking to a friend rather than as if I was giving a speech. I feel like this builds a deeper connection with the viewer, but at the same time I've considered re-implenting scripts just so I can get super meta with SEO and to save me time captioning later.

Recording takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes if I get it the first try to 30-40 minutes if I have to do retakes.
Then it's about 5~ ish minutes to copy the file from my camera.
Then probably just 20-30 minutes of editing most of which is just spent listening to/watching the video to make sure there are no mistakes and cutting out any on camera derpy moments. Otherwise editing for me is just moving the intro to the right place in the video, showing my subscribe button on screen at the right moment in time with me pointing to it, and adding a next video for them to watch at the end. I imagine editing time will go up for me significantly this coming week though since I ordered myself some lighting and want to take more care getting the videos to look professional.
~5-10 minutes for the video to compress.
Then it's anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to upload depending on the length of the video and if my internet speed is being bogged down at all by other things - though I don't really count this time since there's no work from me being done.
15-20 minutes to quickly do some tag research and then tag, title and get the description made properly, sometimes a bit longer, sometimes shorter if I already did my tag research earlier.
~5-10 minutes max to make a thumbnail since currently I have a template for my thumbnails and just change/move the text, add a picture of my face from the video, and add some free stock image related to the video in the background.
Then that arduous ~30 minutes that feels like a week transcribing the video and adding captions.
Then another 2-5 minutes to share the video on Twitter and Tumblr.

So between 2 and 4.5 hours depending on the video, not including the time to think of the initial idea and how I'm going to do it.

Overall I've cut the process down quite a bit since when I first started. My first videos a month and a half ago I had no camera and so was having to do a lot more editing to show text on screen and stuff so that the viewers wouldn't be bored, I was also ranting on a bit long without being clear and concise enough on the topics I covered, meaning 15-20 minute long videos so longer recording, editing, compressing, uploading, etc. That was time I can now spend better on SEO instead.
So, I'm using the estimates from my current and older Project Times to average it out.​

- Preparation: 10 Minutes
- Recording: 5 Hours
- Script Writing: 30 Minutes - 2 Hours
- Audio Recording: 30 Minutes
- Audio Editing: 1 Hour - 3 Hours
- Video Editing: 2.3 Hours - 6 Hours
- Youtube Description: 15 Minutes
- Video Thumbnail: 1 Hour - 2 Hours

In general a smaller project can take half of that time but most of my current/old Projects take/took that amount of time Roughly.
Here's ours:
- 5-10 minutes for each arcade video recorded
- 45 minutes to an hour for editing including export (we use Wondershare Filmora since it's quite easy)
- 15 minutes to indicate description
- 2 hours for upload, depending on our internet connection (sometimes it is fluctuated)
- 5 minutes to share the videos to our FB page, twitter and instagram.
It only takes me like 1 hour or something.

15 - 20 minutes - Making the Video
30 - 35 minutes - Editing
10 minutes - Making the thumbnail

I'm a gamer sorry if your a vlogger :(

And then uploading the video with my internet just takes like 10 minutes :)