how long

  1. OldNotDead

    Just curious....

    Just long did it take to get your 1st hundred subscribers? Cheers, Scott
  2. GooberVlogs

    How Long Before You Reached $100

    If you didn't know already... adsense pays monthly and you must reach $100 in order to get check or direct deposit .... How long did it take you to reach that $100 and when you did how happy were you :) How far are you from getting $100 for the first time?? I have about $83 before I reach $100...
  3. abhinavguptaonline

    How Long Does The Average Youtuber Take To Create Video?

    I'd like to find out from as many youtubers as possible how long their creation time is in general. If you're creation/editing time is lower than the average, then WHAT ARE YOUR SECRETS TO SPEED!??!?!?! Please lets work together to find faster methods to streamline the process. Currently...