How Do You Make Your Channel Banner?


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Just curious, I currently use and or a combination of the two, but I always have problems with fitting everything in to look professional! Does anyone have any suggestions or places they swear by?!?

Maybe even take a look at my banner and tell me what you think? I think I need to find a way to fix the spacing!
Definitely Photoshop. You could go for Gimp if you are looking for a free software similar to Photoshop. I also enjoy the freedom of vector based software such as Illustrator which does a great job if you decide you need your art much larger later on.
Gimp there are great tuts on youtube and im sure you will find one, i made mine in gimp following a few tuts and I love mine, I have no experience in gimp or photoshop so its a great achievement for me
Thanks everyone for the idea's I was up late last night checking out photoshop, I'm going to try Gimp next, I guess no one really uses pic monkey then?