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  1. theredletterORG

    How Do You Make Your Channel Banner?

    Just curious, I currently use and or a combination of the two, but I always have problems with fitting everything in to look professional! Does anyone have any suggestions or places they swear by?!? Maybe even take a look at my banner and tell me what you think? I think...
  2. Sinc

    Le Banners Showcase

    Finally got to like stage 2 of 3 in my banner, and i would love to see you guys banners, just gyazo them and post them below! Are yours done? Is this the final banner or do you plan on changing it in the future?
  3. SeanFace101

    How often do you change your Profile/Banner images?

    How often do you change your YouTube Profile image? Also your Channel Banner image? :P I had both of mine the same for so long I cant remember, years probably. :P I have recently changed the both of them, I still need a new channel banner tho as mine isn't the best. :P So do you change yours all...