banner for youtube

  1. avrona

    Request Looking For New Banner

    Hello everyone, So I've been working away at my channel for almost 4 years now, yet I never got it a proper banner, just a few basic ones I made. So seeing how the 4 year anniversary is coming up, I decided to iron out everything on my channel, including getting a proper banner. Now here is...
  2. Mattplayson5kd

    Request Youtube outro and Profile Picture

    I just completely redesigned my channel and am looking for anyone who would like to make a outro, a profile picture, or a banner. I am willing to give you a shoutout in my sub box or my video description. I prefer to have one person do all the designs because I don't want to many people in my...
  3. Riaz Sidi

    Request How to Get YouTube Banner to Fit?

    Hello, I created a logo in photoshop and it doesn't fit into the channel art banner specs online. I know there are multiple specs based on the device but any idea how to get it to fit? Thanks, Riaz
  4. theredletterORG

    How Do You Make Your Channel Banner?

    Just curious, I currently use and or a combination of the two, but I always have problems with fitting everything in to look professional! Does anyone have any suggestions or places they swear by?!? Maybe even take a look at my banner and tell me what you think? I think...
  5. TyFilms

    Channel Banner Quality

    I made a nice channel banner today, and I worked hard on it with the little skill I have. I made a vector of myself, and then put the vector on a new banner. It look pretty okay to me, and it was a high resolution as well. HD. But then when I uploaded it to YouTube, the quality went waaay down...
  6. Sinc

    Le Banners Showcase

    Finally got to like stage 2 of 3 in my banner, and i would love to see you guys banners, just gyazo them and post them below! Are yours done? Is this the final banner or do you plan on changing it in the future?
  7. Rachel Stewart

    Services Will Make Very Clean And ProfessionalChannel Art

    HI! My names Rachel And ill help you grow your channel by making you very professional and unique channel art (Banner, logo, intros ect ect ) for only £5 if your interested Reply :) Sample Logo Below Is One Of Many Logo Designs I Have And Can Be Customized For Each Person I Also Make Outros ...
  8. SnowGhost

    Services Custom Banners

    Add me on Skype if you would like to place an order: huddsy2468 Prices are negotiable
  9. FestusFX

    Request Professional Banner

    My logo is Ok, but I want a new banner that matches with the logo. If you can make a better banner than I have now, Contact me :')
  10. TaVRoS Evolve


    I create professional looking banners and logos for smaller or big channels. The example i have is a banner and it is good but better will be given! The only price i ask for is a shoutout on your channel saying i am the creator of the banner and my youtube usename is given. My channel name is...