banner art

  1. TheWiseMan

    Services I Made a Free Professional YouTube Banner for You!

    Hi Everyone, I'm a graphics designer and I'm new to the forum! As a little gift, I've made a professional YouTube banner for you all to use! The link to my shop can be found in the description of the video with instructions on how to download the file. On my store use the code "banner4you" to...
  2. -arikaboo

    Services Banners, icons and outro cards comissions!

    Hello! I'm Sara and I'm doing various art for your youtube channel. I can do icons, banners and outro cards! If you have any other request, I can try too. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Icon examples: Detailed icon: 15€ Simple icon: 10€ - - - - - - - - - - -...
  3. Frost Titan Gaming

    Request NEED A NEW BANNER ART!!!

    I am looking for someone who is good at making banner arts for youtube channels. I am willing to pay whatever it takes. please let me know at: Frost Titan#9778
  4. N

    [HELP] Blurry Channel Banner

    Hello forum, I am trying to upload my banner art (the banner at the top of your channel) and every time I do it the image turns out blurry. I am using their suggested size of 2560x1440 and it is still blurry. Any advice on how to fix this? Thanks!
  5. G

    Request Can someone create me a youtube banner? (for free)

    Hi there i was wondering if anyone could make me some banner art for free. it can be simple channel art, i just need something to put on my yt channel. Thanks.
  6. JUSMedia

    Request Need my first Intro, Outro, and Banner ($10 PayPal)

    Trying to set up my channel and am looking for an intro, an outro, and a banner I can pay $10 through PayPal I have a beat on my channel (ADHD) that I want to use as the background music with the first 18-20 seconds as the intro Right now I'm using my logo as both the icon and banner. I don't...
  7. theredletterORG

    How Do You Make Your Channel Banner?

    Just curious, I currently use and or a combination of the two, but I always have problems with fitting everything in to look professional! Does anyone have any suggestions or places they swear by?!? Maybe even take a look at my banner and tell me what you think? I think...
  8. Sinc

    Le Banners Showcase

    Finally got to like stage 2 of 3 in my banner, and i would love to see you guys banners, just gyazo them and post them below! Are yours done? Is this the final banner or do you plan on changing it in the future?
  9. The Cold Abyss

    Free and Easy Ways to Make Channel Art, Thumbnails, etc.

    If you were wondering how to make channel art, channel icons, or thumbnails. Well look no further in this thread I will share with you what I have used to make my channel art etc...
  10. KennaDesigns

    help! banner quality keeps dropping when uploaded!! :(

    So, I uploaded my YouTube banner for my channel redesign, and it keeps dropping in quality for some reason after I upload it. Here's the website, looking real bad quality. :( Here's the real image, looking real better quality :) Notes: I have saved it as a .jpeg, and a .png, and neither...
  11. LB Designs

    Just Hit 50 Subs! Free Banner Giveaway At 100!!!

    Hey guys, so i just hit 50 subscribers and am quite buzzing, ive only been uploading for like 2 months and did not expect to hit it this quick. So i have decided i am not going t do anything for this milestone due to being quite busy with graphics but when i get to 100 i will be doing a free...
  12. Homstad

    Services Need custom banners or logos | I'll make them for you!

    Hi! If you're a youtuber you know that you will need such things as logos and banners to stand out, if you can't make them look good just ask me. I will make banners and logos and such entirely for free, fill out the list down below so I know what to make. But make sure to give me credit in a...
  13. CinemaLeaves

    Request [FREE] Can someone make a banner for free?

    Hi! I'm searching for someone that wants to make a banner for free. My Twitter is CinemaLeaves. :D
  14. UnKnown

    Request Free intro for me :(

    Could somebody make an free intro for my channel? Instead i am gonna make full channel art! My Skype name is UnKnown!
  15. Birkir Orri

    Services FREE CHANNEL ART WORK!! (Banner, Thumbnails, Outros)

    Hi guys i'm willing to make some free channel art for your channel to make it look better! I'm learning graphic designing so my work is pretty professional. If u want any work u MUST contact me on skype- birkir.orrri or twitter- @birkiorri Examples:
  16. JayManOurMusicBox

    Request Music channel needs template video background...Read for info

    Hey there. I am JayMan and I am a musician/producer. I offer free music for videos that anyone can use in their videos and fully monetize. I have a huge library of 5000+ tracks from the years and years of my work that I have put onsite to allow YouTubers to use for free. Although most channels...