How do you come up with your video ideas?

My ideas usually come from questions people ask me about writing or books. At the same time I keep a list of one-liner type jokes. When it's time to make a video I try to pair an idea with a joke. Combining those usually gives me fuel enough for a full video.

Also, I use Trello to manage and schedule my videos. I love Trello! Anyone else use it?
I think the best way of getting some ideas for future videos is by looking what surrounds you. TV, other vid's, pictures, outside your window. But of course it all depends on what kind of video you like doing. For a gamer like me I'll wonder around Azeroth and try to find some great stuff to show to the community, or I could simply come up with an idea randomly without thinking about it in the first place. Hope it helped even tho' it was a pretty obvious answer :smug:
Could anyone help me with interesting ideas for commentary? My second Happy Wheels video is basically me just speaking my mind, if anyone has any tips to keep a video interesting and funny it would be a great help!
Thank you.
I come up randomly with the idea develop it by asking friends there thoughts then when i make it usually goes a tad different but then they enjoy it more
I am mostly a reviewer and hauler which I now have started vlogs so I just turn in the cam and let it flow
I get my ideas either by something randomly happening that is reasonably epic, or with a wild imagination such as ninjas, memes, parcour, etc;
I have a really good imagination so I come up with mine either straight after I upload my new video or a while after :)