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My Goals for 2019 (and thanks for asking!)

Subs: I would like to get to 100,000 subs by July 1, 2019. I already made space on my wall for the Silver Award LOL! Hadn't really thought about the rest of the year but why not shoot for 200,000 by Dec 31st!

Views: I never actually considered a Views goal so I just looked at my Analytics for 2018 and see that I had 1.9 million views. So I'll say let's quadruple that and aim for 8 million views this year.

Other Goals: I am committed to publishing at least one video per week, hopefully more. After I achieve the 100,000 subscribers milestone I want to start a second channel to do shorter tutorial videos, I don't want to start now as I want to focus on my primary channel.

I wish everyone else a successful 2019!
My goals for this year are:

1000 subs, 20k views, and to work on improving my setup!

I've learned a lot on photo and video editing just through watching tutorials and applying those skills to my work. I want to be able to see an improvement in video quality from the first video I post this year to the very last!

2019 is almost here and it's time to publicly declare your 2019 goals:

  1. How many subs would you like to have at the end of 2019?
  2. How many views would you like to have at the end of 2019?
  3. What are your other YouTube goals for your channel for 2019 (unrelated to subs and views) ?

Share with us!
I would love to reach 1000 by the end of the year. I'm at 149 after 4 months so at this pace it doesnt seem like I will make it but I would like to remain optimistic!!!
I created my first video on December 11th, 2018 so I'm going to cheat a bit and consider that the start of my 2019 year. As a new channel I will say there is nothing more addicting than getting the notification to my phone that I gained a new subscriber or comment.

At the time of writing this post I'm sitting at 81 subscribers and 4.7k views and I see plenty of opportunity for growth this year!

My goals are as follows:

1. Reach a minimum of 10,000 subscribers by December 11th, 2019.
2. Learn how to properly edit videos and incorporate the Youtube functions.
3. Create a discord for my channel and make it appealing.

I wish everyone the best and hope you have a great year!
I’m hoping for 1,000 subs, 4K watch hours, but would love to hit 2500 subs by the end of 2019.
I’m gonna work hard this year on growth!
I'm hoping for:

1) 100 subscribers by the end of the year (sitting at 51 at the moment but this was largely thanks to a short promotion of the channel trailer recently).

2) 9,400 views by the end of the year (sitting at 8,200 at the moment again thanks to the promotion really).

3) To upload more frequently or at least more consistently than last year.
My goals for 2019 are to reach 1000 subscribers. As far as views go, I don't really have a goal. Viewership is semi-limited in my niche. I plan on getting some Bladesmithing videos out there. Pretty straightforward and simple goals really. Just continue to grow my channel and develop my skills as a Blacksmith.