1. F

    YAY! 1k Subs :D

    So i have a weight loss journey/ lifestyle vlog channel and ive just gotten my 1k Sub goal , ive been at 4k hours reached for ages so was just waiting on my 1k :D So excited !
  2. Crown

    Goals for 2019

    2019 is almost here and it's time to publicly declare your 2019 goals: How many subs would you like to have at the end of 2019? How many views would you like to have at the end of 2019? What are your other YouTube goals for your channel for 2019 (unrelated to subs and views) ? Share with us!
  3. Andreas Sandström

    Want to do a "journey to" type of vlog but is an Iphone good enough?

    First. I am new here. So if this is the wrong place to write, please tell me so that I ,or an admin, can do anything about it. Thanks! So I have a pretty set goal when it comes to my training that I would love to achive but it would be cool if I could vlog this at the same time. Document the...
  4. Ampix0

    I've only made THREE videos and have a 10 deal with a sponsor!

    10 VIDEO DEAL* I know you probably are wondering how much money I am making and are about to scroll down to see it. I just want to let you know now, I am likely not going to post it, nor may I be allowed. I will tell you it is for a LARGE sponsor who I first found out about through two of the...
  5. RayKing45

    My YTtalk Debute

    Okay, I'll be a brave soul and just hope nobody loses their minds about me or my channel. I'm doing this, to perhaps give others courage to do the same. I can see why people like myself may be undercover on this site, but I'm just not a closet type of guy. Yes, I have seen plenty crap-talk...
  6. RayKing45

    My Journey ... No Haters, Please!

    This is the 2nd vid on my channel (1st is in my signature), and although there are people running all over YTtalk who are phobic and love to voice their opinions, I'm going to take a chance and put mine in here. I can't even find this topic on YTtalk, so I'll be a pioneer and a risk-taker...
  7. TheToastGamer

    100 subscribers in a month!

    Guys, Something unreal has happened, I hit 100 subs today & i've only been going for 1 month. I'm unbelievable happy & although there were times when I thought I wouldn't make it, i didn't give up & i just worked harder! It goes to show, don't give up, sometimes the journey is harder for some &...
  8. swizz

    How Long did it take you to reach 50,100 or 1000 SUBS?

    Hey guys i would like to know how long it took your channel to get 50 or 100 or 1000 SUBS... shareb with everyone your journey
  9. BigBryanGames

    My first Let's Play! Journey Part 3 (first video post on here)

    I started my first Let's Play on YouTube. :) It's Journey. I'm enjoying the game lots, and commentating is quite fun. :D This post is of Part 3 since it's my first video post on this site, but if you would want or you enjoy this video, feel free to check out the first two parts on my channel. :)...
  10. Hi!MyNameIsJan

    What if you are only a thought of a higher being ? I explore this in my new video

    Hello ! Normaly i do comic comedy - and i will continue doing that. But i just had this itch to make this video so i went for it. Through my stickman charakter im exploring if your whole existence is just the thought of a higher being, flashing through his consciusness.
  11. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    My Fitness Journey - VLOG STYLE :D

  12. Meghan Alex

    Just a Small Town Girl Starting a Comedy Vlog Channel

    I really hope you read that in a journey singsong voice, because that was my entire goal. Okay so I'm newer to youtube as of lately, I've done it in the past when I was little, but nothing serous. I was wondering if someone could check out my newest video (not my intro, the other new one haha)...
  13. Jawad Soomro


    Beware of the duchess throwing the bowls from her house. When we enter her house, go downstairs and collect pepper for her, then go to the right and exit the door. Then we have to jump accurately because the ground has forks on it. We have to climb the mountain as well as move down, we will meet...