Just a Small Town Girl Starting a Comedy Vlog Channel

Meghan Alex

Loving YTtalk
I really hope you read that in a journey singsong voice, because that was my entire goal. Okay so I'm newer to youtube as of lately, I've done it in the past when I was little, but nothing serous. I was wondering if someone could check out my newest video (not my intro, the other new one haha) and give me actual feedback. I'm looking forward to improving and getting better. Please don't say "don't be awkward" because that's part of my channel, it's just my personality. Thanks for your time!
1) Try to add a nice intro in your video including your logo (and btw your should make your own logo).
2) Change that banner. Because when I click to your channel for the first time I thought your channel is about music because I see there is a party banner.
3) The outro is too short and you should add annotations to that "subscribe". And it should have also your previous videos
4) Try to add more tags but not too many (it is considered as SPAM)
5) Try to change your video title : "Nice People ll Misanthropy" -> "What is like to be a nice person" and remove that "Misanthropy" until you get at least 1500 subs then get it back.
6) Add more social network links.

Hope these will help you
(Sorry for my bad English)
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