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100 subscribers in a month!


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Something unreal has happened, I hit 100 subs today & i've only been going for 1 month. I'm unbelievable happy & although there were times when I thought I wouldn't make it, i didn't give up & i just worked harder! It goes to show, don't give up, sometimes the journey is harder for some & easier that others! But, i just wanted to share that with you guys :)

Wow congratulations ! I am going on my second month and I only have 37 :/ that's really amazing you hit 100 in one month that's hard to do
It's hard but keep going! depending on what you do with tags, thumbnails, themes on your channels, set up etc :) You'll get there tho, keep up the work :)
Congratulations! Certainly faster than for me. I am actually sitting here right now waiting to get my final subscriber lol. It took over a year for me.

Keep up the good work!

EDIT It happened!
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Congratulations!! :D That's pretty awesome! I still didn't it that awesome milestone even though I've started a few months! -.-
Wow! That is really cool! The fact you got 100 subcribers in such a little amount of time is absolutely astonishing. You keep on going and work hard to get yourn next milestone like 500, 1,000, and eventually 10,000.