What is a good way in order to get your channel noticed on YouTube? I have a few videos, however I'm not too sure on how to get those videos out to the public so people can see them. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me some sort of ways or even websites that could get my channel more noticed.

Also, if anyone would like to work/collaborate together, I am open to the idea.
Tags tags tags tags tags.

But seriously, get TubeBuddy of VidiQ for help with that. I just finished spending about 20 minutes tagging my latest upload and believe me it's worth it in the long run.
There are a few sites that when you type in a word it tells you how many youtube searches monthly it gets so you can optimize your tags.

That's where I would start friend :)

It won't make your videos instantly gain attention but if you're lucky it will blow up a bit.
forums and commenting on other youtube videos and I don't mean tell people to go check out your channel I mean just be yourself comment about what you think of the video make new friends and it will help get your name out there and people are more likely to check you out and subscribe if they like what they see if you don't pressure them into it:):bounce:
There are so many threads about this just come on.
Don't be lazy and use the search bar. You expect people on this forum will do the job for you and this is not how success works.