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  1. I

    Another Place To Promote Your YouTube Channel

    Just wanted to share another place where you can promote your YouTube channel for free.
  2. Paranoia_Origins

    FULL YouTube Channel Feedback, How to Promote Better, Etc..

    Hey guys Kuji here of the "The House of Wolves Gaming"; and I'm here to seek serious help with growing my youtube channel. Due to the fact that I have 1,000+ subscribers and bearly any views on any of my videos shows that I'm a lot wrong here. List below what "I" think I'm doing wrong: List of...
  3. B

    How much promotion and how much creation before 5 000 subs?

    I read in a blog post that it's extremely important to promote your channel in the first period before it picks up to the first 5 000 subs. The author argues that when you start uploading and the views and subs are slow, and there is obviously some substantial time passed from the first uploads...
  4. SmokeySpace

    Places To Promote Your Channel

    Just looking for places to promote my gaming channel, I've tried here, gamespot forums, google+, Reddit, just about anywhere and not too much as worked out that well. Any other suggestions or suggestions for the things I have done that maybe I have done wrong?
  5. Anjim

    Promoting Youtube Channels On Forums

    First I want to thank everyone in Yttalk for the positive feedback and support! I have two channel Anjim 2.0 (anime channel) and Anjim Plays (gaming channel). I am using my gaming channel in this forum because their are other gaming channels who are trying to grow like me than anime channels. I...
  6. MVP Border Collie

    Get Channel Noticed

    What is a good way in order to get your channel noticed on YouTube? I have a few videos, however I'm not too sure on how to get those videos out to the public so people can see them. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me some sort of ways or even websites that could get my channel...
  7. Anjim

    Does Adword Boost Your Subs And Views?

    I was just wondering should you invested in some money and uses google adwords to get your channel off the ground quickly. As for me, I am investing right now on adword to promote channels and I don't want my bank account to be clean that's option 2. Option 1 is collab, networking and creating...
  8. Yingyang esi

    Want some advice

    Hey guys my girlfriend and I just started our channel a week ago with 10 subs we want some advice on how to promote it and can you please check it out on YingYang Esi To give us some constructive advice!! Thanks
  9. WilBajamas

    Facebook And Twitter Advice

    Hey there, I know most of you Youtubers out there already know that social media play a big role in promoting your channel or videos. But what I don't know is that, how to use Facebook and Twitter effectively? Most of the tips I've seen keep on saying to engage with others on social media but...